Android Game Review: Death Worm

Here begins a series of reviews of game apps for Android.  The screenshots are taken directly from my Galaxy Nexus.

***click images for a larger view!***

  I can’t promise the games will be the same for whatever phone you have, but if I can, I will say so. 

These are reviews by me for whoever wants to read them; nobody asked me to write them.  If you disagree with what I say, comment!  If you agree, comment!  If you’ve seen reviews of these games elsewhere already,

I don’t care!


DEATH WORM (all game-name links will go to Android Market in a new tab)

$2.99, free trial version available

Death Worm title screenThe port of this incredibly popular game is the stone-cold nuts.  You control a giant worm, DUNE style; you just gain speed by roaming around underground, then geyser yourself to the surface to eat people and things.  Since purchasing this game it has been the one I’ve played most on my new Nexus.  While destroying cop cars, airplanes, helicopters, jerks with guns, tanks, and more I find myself muttering ‘Shai-Hulud has come to claim you all.  Bless the Maker and his water!’


The game controls amazingly, which is important, because the controls are very simple; a directional pad and a few buttons for your special attacks of ‘speed burst’ (awesome) and ‘fireball’ (practically useless to me, but fun).  It has a perfect difficulty scale (starts easy, gets hard; you’d be amazed how many games fail at this basic idea), a ton of levels, and awesome graphics. You really get a great deal for the price this game is.

UFOs? Seriously? Fine, I'll nom you next, alien fuckers!

I have little else to add to this except try the trial version, and then leave a message thanking me when you buy this.


  • Highly recommended by me as a lot of fun
  • Highly recommend a larger screen/higher quality/fast processor phone, but it works great on my Droid 2 as well!
  • Om nom nom nom action that’s hard to put down
  • Fuck aliens, they hurt

2 thoughts on “Android Game Review: Death Worm

  1. Wow! The screen shots you took are awesome. It’s really kind of nice to see how the game would look in action. I don’t think it would work on my phone at all, though. I tend to gravitate toward puzzle games, anyway. Any plans to review some of those?

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