Android Game Review: NerdRAGE: Wrath at the Con (Beta)

NerdRAGE Beta Soapbox Apps – Free

This game, still in Beta, has an enormous amount of potential.  If you are a nerd, or geek, or nerd/geek hybrid, you will love this and need to check it out, despite how short and sweet it is – it will only get better as Soapbox Apps develops it.

You control a geek at the Con – you will encounter enemies, gather equipment, and battle bosses.  Enemies such as wayward security guards, Star Wars nerds, Deadpool…equipment such as “Free Hugs” T-Shirt, Phaser, even Frostmourne… and bosses such as oh… I don’t know… fucking GALACTUS, EATER OF WORLDS.

Gameplay is simple… you simply move up, down, left, or right on the grid and various things happen; sometimes you’ll walk into a trap, sometimes you’ll find a boon, sometimes you’ll encounter a Monster.  What makes this game fun is the monster fights; you can either go for it with your fists, or whatever weapons you have, and you and the monster will take turns bashing each other… or you can use your Intellect and the monster challenges you with nerdy trivia.  Answer correctly, and you do damage to your foe – answer wrong, and you’re forced back into the namby pamby slap fighting your character undoubtedly excels at.  I encountered trivia questions about Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, Battlestar Galactica, Marvel and DC Comics, Sci-Fi books, and more.

While not visually stunning, it is polished looking; and while not complicated, the nerd trivia will tax even the biggest parents’-basement dweller.  This beta is short; I completed my adventure in roughly 15 minutes; but it was a lot of fun, and I’m definitely looking forward to more.

The TL;DR:

  • Free and will work on practically any Android device
  • A ton of fun for any nerd of any subtype
  • In BETA, so judge with that in mind
  • Questions are varied and fun, did not see any repeats
  • Short and sweet

2 thoughts on “Android Game Review: NerdRAGE: Wrath at the Con (Beta)

  1. Definitely sharing this review on Facebook. (May I make a suggestion in that regard, though? A share button would be awesome, if you’d maybe like to consider it?) I have a few friends I think would like this game. I don’t know that I would know enough of the answers (so bad at retaining details), but I can definitely see how it would be fun. ^.^

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