Helpdesk Rants: Vacation

Due to some of our agents being on vacation, I’m stuck taking calls today.  Our helpdesk is an internal one for our company’s employees; thank goodness it isn’t direct contact from customers, they’re a lot harder to please.

I don’t mind my agents getting vacation time; they deserve it.  What drives me insane are my end-users calling us while they’re on vacation.

“Hi, I’m on a ski trip and I can’t connect to the lodge’s wifi.  Can you help?”

  • No.  You’re on vacation.  Stop trying to work.  *click*

That’s how that call *should* go, but noooo.  I have to sit there and pretend I care what spam e-mails you’ve gotten while barreling down snowy hills with your feet strapped to planks.  That hardly seems fair.  If you’re going on vacation, GO on VACATION.  If your company lets you go on vacation, it means they don’t need you during that time-frame.  Trying to log in to ‘just do a little work’ is a little self-important.

“I got an e-mail to change my password last week, but I didn’t, and now I’m in Incest, Georgia visiting family in the mountains.  I need to log on with my work machine, and I need it yesterday; I need Google Maps to show me where the nearest Starbucks is.”

  • No.  I hope something ‘The Hills Have Eyes’-y happens to you.  *click*

Again, that’s how, in my mind, that call *should* go.  Instead, I have to go through the motions and reset this nimrods’ password so his machine will let him access the internet again.

If you have a password, and it expires every three months, and you get warning e-mails suggesting you change it at two weeks out, one week out, three days out, and one day out, you should be punished for not changing it.  I’m thinking something like a caning, but I’d settle for being forced to wear a dunce cap and a diaper to work for a day.  We have people who do this 4 times a year; every time it expires.  /headdesk


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