Android Game Review – Quick Hits: Tiny Tower


From the makers of Pocket Frogs (also known as ‘the game with a demonic hold on my wife’) comes my guilty casual gaming pleasure, Tiny Tower.  I’ve been playing this for a few weeks now, for 5 to 10 minutes a day.  In this ported iPhone hit, you just build up your tower, let “Bitizens” move in, employ them at the various stores you set up, and let them earn the coins for you to build new floors, thus growing your Tiny Tower.  It is up to you to make sure their stores have inventory, they work at places that make them happy, and to operate the elevator.  There isn’t much else to it.

During the game, VIPs will show up in your lobby, delivering various bonus services to the floor you drop them off at, such as increasing customers on that floor, or lowering the time needed for your construction project.  Random visitors will show up, asking you to deliver messages, Chinese food, even requests to rescue the President to your Bitizens, and reward you for doing so.  All restocking and floor building works in real time, so if you have a six hour build, you can exit the app, come back six hours later, and enjoy your fancy new Sushi Shop or apartment.

The game operates on the coins your Bitizens earn selling their wares at the various shops and stores you build (used to purchase stock for stores and buy new floors), and on the pay-service currency, “Towerbux” – which thankfully you never have to purchase if you don’t want to, because the game will award them to you for various accomplishments from time to time – use these Towerbux to accelerate builds and restocks, purchase faster elevators, and more.

Your Bitizens are what make this game – you can dress them up, paint their apartments and workplaces, and they have their own Facebook knockoff called ‘BitBook’ where they speak their mind in often humorous and quirky ways.

This game is a nice diversion from the hustle and bustle, a game you can play without obviously playing a game, and is somewhat relaxing.  I’m up to 19 floors, and counting!

If you’d like, you can connect to the Mobage Network, and compare the size of your Tiny Tower with all your Mobage friends!  This sounds a lot more filthy than it really is.  That said, you do need an internet connection to play, so this won’t help you pass the time on an airplane, but it will make the layovers a little more tolerable.

Between Tiny Tower and Pocket Frogs, Mobage has earned a place in our home.


  • Quirky, somewhat silly casual game good for a quick diversion.
  • Needs an internet connection to work, 3G/4G/Wifi – due to …
  • …requiring a link to Mobage, the social gaming platform which released it.  Annoying.
  • A little behind its iPhone predecessor, but Mobage claims this will change.
  • No need or pressure on you to purchase their in-game currency with real currency.


6 thoughts on “Android Game Review – Quick Hits: Tiny Tower

  1. Hey now! YOU’RE the one who gave me pocket frogs! You’ve only yourself to blame! =P As it goes, though, I’m definitely liking the Mobage stuff. I can see how some folks might dump cash into it, but the games are easily playable without doing so if you aren’t looking to play for hours upon hours, all in row. I just like Pocket Frogs because the game is bright and colorful, and the frogs are adorable. ^.^

  2. I wanted to play pocket frogs but my phone can’t handle it, says pocket frogs. OMG you should play the game Dragon, Fly! It’s got adorable little dragons in it and is really fun.

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