The State of my Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE) 1/4/2012

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So, this is the end result of all the “playing with my phone” I did yesterday.  Quite a lot of work!  I tried a few different ROMs before settling on roman’s build; it just was the most streamlined and had the fewest problems for me.  The work is not done; definitely going to need to do something about the hideous dock/dock icons, and get the colors more uniform in the Status Bar; and like an ass, I completely forgot to mention in my document above that I’m using the Home Launcher beta – and didn’t save the document after I’d already created my screenshot, so I couldn’t edit it in.  Bloody hellfire.

  • Smart Shortcuts (free!) is the superstar of all my Android setups, and I’m going to do a full piece on it within my next few blogs.  I adore its simple functionality.
  • Home Launcher (beta, root required, free for now) is my home replacement, and I’m using it simply to remove the normal every-page Google Search bar with another usable row, making my home screens 5×4.
  • Beautiful Widgets ($1.99, free through Getjar) is very well known and widely regarded as the best clock/weather widget in the entire Android Market.
  • Power Widget ($1.99) is something I bought a long time ago for the Droid 2, but I keep finding uses for it even on the Galaxy Nexus.  Very nicely customizable version of the pre-installed Power Control widget – lets you set up a one or many different toggles in 1×1 through 5×1 sizes, and lets you choose the color of its indicator light and the opacity of its background (clear, here).

For information on roman’s awesome AOKP build, go here, and for information on altimax98’s mod to roman’s build, here.  Installing custom ROMs/mods like this requires an unlocked bootloader and a rooted phone, which for almost every carrier, invalidates your warranty.  Even with as easy as these excellent developers make it for us with their instructions and wikis, a very strong basic understanding of Android and how it works is where you should start before considering doing this type of thing; to make a Windows comparison, doing this stuff is like directly altering the registry and system32 files, and nothing like say, changing your wallpaper.  It is VERY risky work if you proceed without knowing what you’re doing; spending a lot of time on xda-developers and/or rootzwiki forums reading ALL THE THINGS before doing it is very highly recommended.  If you go into rooting/modding unprepared, you can easily brick your phone – meaning afterwards this will be you. ↓


2 thoughts on “The State of my Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE) 1/4/2012

    • It is the most versatile and customizable operating system for mobile devices ever conceived. Myself and many, many others identified it as ‘the future’ a long time ago, and have been proven right; there are more Android phones in use now than iPhones. It is the first operating system of any kind that allows you to truly make it your own; it was created and continues to be reinvented by the best developers in the world; it bridges the gap between the nerdy and the mainstream like nothing before it (iPhones did that, but only for rich people). I could go on, but it’d just be a fanboy rant or Apple flame from here on. =P

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