Love Android? Love the Internet? Are you against SOPA? I am. Get this app!

Boycott SOPA rozap


This app lets you scan any barcode on a product, and see whether or not the company who makes said product supports SOPA.  This is a must if you’re like me, and are firmly against SOPA – so much so that you’re willing to boycott purchasing items from companies who do support the much-maligned bill.

checking out my Wheat Thins...

Hell yeah Nabisco!

This app is a brilliant idea, and the devs have to be given credit for putting together what appears to be a totally free (and ad-free) app for this purpose.  Unfortunately it is a little bit glitchy, for example: the app will sometimes show you the results for the previous thing scanned, or tell you the item was not found; these problems are forgivable when you consider what it might imply for your politics. – pretty much fixable by just force-closing the app (killing it in your processes, or some other app killer style thing).

This was scanning DragonQuest VII for the PS2. Jerks at Quest!

All said, it is a commendable feat to put something like this out in the market.  I know I’ll be a little happier knowing I’m purchasing items made by companies that don’t directly support the SOPA bill.


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