The State of my Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE) 1/11/2012

The modding and customizing continues in earnest.  The Android dev community is an amazing place to hang out in, and is even better to feel like you’re a part of it.  Name a feature that you’d like, or a suggestion for an existing feature… oftentimes within 20 minutes you’ll either see it on the ‘to do’ list for the dev’s next build, or get a link to where its been done already.  Unbelievable.  The other day I mentioned not liking an icon to someone in their theme mod, within a couple hours they had a new version out with a different icon.

Roman’s AOKP is ridiculous good.  It’s super smooth and buttery, has incredible features (I can choose the color of my clock and my navigation buttons on the bottom with hex code.  Seriously.  They’re going to be neon green or pink or something next) – and that’s just scratching the surface of how awesome this ROM is.

You need Nova Launcher for any 4.0.3 ROM.  NEED IT.  Okay, you don’t need it, but it is awesome; get it and try it out, while it is still free.  Ditch Home Launcher from my previous State of the Galaxy Nexus post, it has simply been outdone.

Franco’s kernel has helped me achieve ridiculous battery life, but recent versions (10 and 11) have had some strange issues, which luckily don’t affect me too much just yet; looking forward to a release that resolves these problems.

Simple Text was exactly what I needed; I got to make exactly the kind of button I wanted for my Smart Shortcuts dock.  Grab it if you have the ability to customize icons.

Wizz Widget is the best set of Facebook/Twitter/Calendar widgets I’ve been able to find; its free, but an in-app purchase of 4 bucks gives you the ability to skin them very nicely, so you can make them any colors you like with any size text; totally awesome.  Definitely made me regret purchasing the Pure GRID calendar and Pure Messenger widgets.

I’m currently waiting patiently for some of the other modders of xda and rootzwiki to get their builds updated for Milestone 2 AOKP; roman’s update came out just yesterday.  This entire experience of interacting with all of these people is such a fun ride, and my phone is pretty much the coolest thing ever made thanks to them, with a side thanks to me for being geeky enough to get into it.


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