Personal Reflections and Babblings, 1/16/2012

It has been a strange couple of weeks for me.  I’ve gotten way into this blogging thing, so much so that I’m stressing over what I write about.  This isn’t the greatest space to be in if you want to maintain a level of quality that you’re comfortable with.  As passionate and involved as I’ve become, I’m losing sight a little bit about why I started blogging on Android in the first place.  I’ve been spending more time writing about my phone than enjoying it.  Probably bad.  As a result of this, I might peel some of my focus away from Android this week and hit up some of my other favorite topics.  I say ‘might’ because, well, I like Android.

This past week I finally received the iPhone I’ve been begging work to give me for months.  It isn’t that I particularly wanted an iPhone for any personal use; mainly, I needed a phone tied in to my work e-mail account (Yes, I know I can do corporate exchange on my Android, but that’d involve giving up control of my Android and YOU CAN’T CONTROL ME).  More than that, I’m going to be supporting end-users with iPhones, so I need to learn my way around one.  My impressions of it so far is that it is a very solid, dependable device, with a very crisp camera and intuitive controls.  My philosophical differences aside (imagine me spitting on an Apple logo… now), I must admit it is a well-crafted phone.  If only I could play my own media on it, import and create my own ringtones and notifications without paying for an app, or customize the damn thing in any interesting way, I might even own one personally.

My father-in-law got his first smartphone this week, and he didn’t get no slouch; Dad got himself a Rezound.  It is an awesome phone, and I’m almost a little jealous.  It just feels more powerful than my Nexus does… but at least a part of that is the highly-tweaked HTC UI (Sense?) that is on it.  I’m really looking forward to helping him craft it into a device he loves, rather than a device that makes him nervous.  We’re very proud of him for taking the leap and giving up his flip phone for an Android flagship device.  Way to go, Dad!

Dad’s new phone leaves my wife as the odd one out, without a recent upgrade.  She’s still rocking the Droid 2, and despite some of the problems it has had (keyboard wore out being the main one), it has mostly been solid for her, despite it not being rooted and juiced.  Her upgrade comes around in April; part of me hopes she’ll get something different than the Nexus or Rezound just to have another cool Android to test things with, but if she got a Nexus or Rezound at that point, I could not blame her.  The most important thing is that I let her pick the damn thing herself without imposing my opinion too hard.  She listens to me when it comes to these things, because she understands that it has sort of become my hobby; but I don’t want to poo-poo a device on my knowledge of the specs and manufacturers if it feels right to her.

My father and I went and saw a Led Zeppelin tribute band called Zoso this weekend, something that’s become somewhat of a tradition for us; we tend to do this once or twice a year.  They rocked, as usual; if you ever get a chance to see them, do so, because they are out-of-this-world talented.  I learned at this show that I am too out of shape/old to stand up and rock out to a two hour concert.  My back, neck, knees, and ankles all hate me.

Also this weekend, my wife and I enjoyed a meal out with some friends of ours at a local Irish tavern themed restaurant.  We had a great time; it was really nice to go out and feel a little human again.  It isn’t easy to get away from a daily routine, with the way work schedules are, and with energy levels in the negative after a long day at the office… In my job and in my hobbies, I am just surrounded by gadgets and devices and monitors and keyboards; I need to get away more often.  Being transplants here, my wife and I don’t have a lot of friends to hang out with, so it was fantastic to have met some people worthy of spending time with.  Thanks, Caroline and Ben!

My mission statement way earlier in the blog about posting more; done.  Definitely doing the posting thing.  I haven’t really come to grips with the ‘getting in shape’ part of it, yet.  I have all the motivation in the world to exercise and eat right, I simply just… haven’t.  I lack the discipline, which is bad, because my wife is trying hard, too.  It doesn’t work when it is just you trying to make yourself more fit; when you’re married, you need to do it as a team, as to maintain parity.  I need to go to bed earlier so she doesn’t have to babysit me and make sure I get out of bed; I need to quit pounding food into my face like an idiot; I need to get off my ass and onto the treadmill.  If I don’t, I’m not just cheating myself out of what likely would be a few more years of useful living, and her as well.  She’s amazingly patient with me, likely because she feels that I have been with her, but lately I can feel her patience waning, a bit… she wants to get on this healthy track, and I need to get with the damn program.  She really doesn’t want to be the bitchy type who has to tell me to put down the Doritos or get my ass off the couch, and I do not want her to feel like she has to be!  So, yeah – very little progress on this front, but the motivation remains, barking at me from under the Pepsi tree I’ve climbed.

Wow, I’ve really just been word-barfing here (Barf, oddly, grosses me out than ‘vomit’ as a word).  I wish Pepsi trees were real, I’d shake the shit out of that thing, trying to catch the sodafruits before they hit the ground and exploded.  The Republican Primary race seems to be one expensive-ass game of ‘who gets to lose to Obama this time?’  How about those 49ers!?

Someone needs to make fanny packs okay for people to wear again.  I have to carry so much miscellaneous bullshit with me to work everyday that my pockets are trying to drag my pants off.  On a maximum, this is what my inventory coming to work could look like:

  • Laptop, complete with charge cable and mouse
  • Nook (original version) + charge cable
  • Nexus + charge cable
  • iPhone + charge cable
  • eCig + charge cable
  • eCig (one that plugs in directly), spare cartridge
  • security badge, keys, wallet
  • Thumbdrive
  • External Hard Drive
  • Headphones

Gnnngh.  I’d have more gadgets on me that day than USB ports to use them all with, and I rock two computers at the job.  Thankfully I leave a lot of this stuff at the office.  I guess I have to dig out one of my stylish mini-backpacks I’ve gotten from work and start using it…

Work has blocked all access to reddit (as opposed to only access to imgur).  This is a heinous crime, and whomever browsed the wrong thing too often (if it wasn’t me) I am going to track down and severely noogie.

Also, I feel like I’m drowning in things to do.  I have ps3, Wii, Android, and PC games I could be playing, gigabytes upon gigabytes of media to watch, tons of music to listen to, and sometimes I’ll come home and just browse reddit for three hours.  What the fuck, brain, you got things you could be experiencing!

Alright, time to post this, and move on to actual content.  Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Personal Reflections and Babblings, 1/16/2012

  1. I hate to break it to you, but the Rezound is where it’s at unless some new fabulous thing catches my eye. I really like it’s set-up, and the fact that it has a usable keyboard. (I still find it funny that the one physical keyboard we tried at the store yesterday was already borked…no more physical keyboards for this girl!)

    As for patience, well. I think my patience with myself is waning a lot faster. I’m in about the same spot as you…there’s a lot I could be doing and I’m just not. We’ll get there, though.

    And, ew. “Barf” is way more gross.

    • I have no problem with you getting a Rezound, if that is what you want come April. =) I hope Dad grows to really enjoy his.
      I think we can agree to disagree on the barf vs. vomit issue, as both are quite gross. There’s just no euphemism for the root noun, there. I have a hard time really saying I prefer one over the other, because then I’d have to say I prefer one.

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