Android App Review Special, Part 5: Most Used/Excellent Apps in my “Games” Category

Everybody has their favorite games – I’m no different.  These won’t be the first reviews for these games, by a long shot.  These are just the games my Android phones will always have, because I enjoy them so much.  Without further ado…


WordFeud Bertheussen IT

$2.99, or Ad-Supported Free

The first game app many people will tell you about when it comes to Scrabble clones is Words with Friends.  This is the second.  Despite having tons of games installed, this is one of those that I always come back to.  I prefer this over WwF because it isn’t made by Zynga – that way I’m not supporting the same jerks who came up with FarmVille and Mafia Wars, but more importantly, no bullcrap in-app purchases for cheats.  With WordFeud, you have to do your cheating manually.

Play upto 30 games of Scrabble with your friends, or with random people all over the world; and millions of people use this app.  Play on boards with different languages, randomize the bonus tiles for a twist, chat with your opponent; it’s a well crafted game with a fairly reliable server for communicating your moves in a timely fashion.  You get a couple days to move – kind of reminds me of those people you hear about who play Chess over the phone or by mail from days of old.

I sprung for the paid version ages ago, because the free version ads can get very irritating.  I can’t speak for how they behave today.  That said, I’ve put so much mileage on this app that three dollars for it has been an absolute bargain.  Wanna play against me?  Challenge deidein!

Game Dev Story Kairosoft

$4.99 (ON SALE for $2.50 as of this posting!), Free Demo Lite version available

Quite possibly my favorite mobile game of all time, Game Dev Story is easily the most addictive of the games on this list, for me.  You are the CEO of a Game Development company, and it is your job to put together and train your developer team, choose which games to make, and market them to succeed in the highly competitive gaming market.  Kairosoft nailed it with this one, so much so that it boosted the sales of all of its ‘story’ games after the 10 Billion Apps sale.

I picked this game up during the ten cent sale a while back, and was very pleasantly surprised at the amount of fun to be had.  It’s so simple.  Get devs.  Make devs better.  Name a game ‘LOL Butts’ and watch it sell millions of copies.  So awesome!  It sounds lame, and I suppose it is, to some – but to any gamer, this will bring a smile to your face.  The paid version allows you to play through 20 years of gaming history, essentiallly (the demo only allows you 2 years).  At the beginning, there’s only PC games… very shortly thereafter, the Sega master system… and then Nintendo… Game Boy… TurboGraphix, Neo-Geo… and so on, and so on… they’re all here (with different names) and released at time-appropriate dates throughout the game.  You want to see the Virtual Boy be a successful gaming system?  Design killer game after killer game for it, and it will be.  You can affect the causality of GAMING ITSELF!

Alright, perhaps that’s a little dramatic, but still, the game is loads of fun.  Your devs can ‘catch fire’ and drop huge stat bonuses to your games, or totally botch the game with their bright ideas and introduce dozens of bugs to it.  You choose different combinations of gamestyles and see what flies or doesn’t… for instance, you can make a Swimsuit Racing game, or perhaps a Harbor Simulation.  How about a Motion Mushroom game?  It’s all  possible (but not all great ideas; search strategywiki if you’re looking for the best combos, folks).  Once you get your team all super-awesome and generate enough capital, you can create and release your own system, and release games for it, making it the dominant one to have! As you train and level your developers, you unlock new genres of games to make; and as you release games, you unlock hidden characters and consoles, too.

I’ve played through the 20 year cycle several times, and the game hasn’t gotten old.  I don’t know why, but I’m driven to keep trying to make the best selling game of all time.  My highest selling hit thus far reached around 20 million copies sold.  I think it was a dating simulation.  Anyways, I paid ten cents for this, but with the clarity of hindsight I would happily cough up five bucks for this.  I highly recommend you grab it for half that while you can.



Yahtzee, pure and simple.  I’ll always have this because it is a great short-term time waster.  The game has Classic, Tri-Color, and Lucky7 modes, but I’ve only ever used Classic.  My wife loves Yahtzee; I use this game as practice so that when we play I don’t look like such an idiot when I waste my ‘chance’ roll two throws into a match.  She kicks my butt at Yahtzee (and refuses to play Wordfeud or board Scrabble with me*).

GameBoid, Nesoid, SNesoid, etc. (console emulators, found here) yongzh


These console emulators by yongzh have been pulled from the Android Market due to pressure from the gaming companies who originally made them.  There are no legal ramifications for owning/using the applications themselves; the games are what their problem is, so there will be nothing here about where to find them/how to use them or anything.

It’s naughty to distribute and share the ROMs (read: games) for these emulators, in the same way its not good to torrent movies or music.  The apps are installed on my phones purely for historical interest and testing purposes.  These screenshots?  Totally shopped fabrications.  Nothing to see here!

There are many games that will always be on my phone; several of them I’ve already reviewed, such as Karoshi, Death Worm, and the RPGs I haven’t had time to play yet.  I’m sure I will find even more indispensable games along the way, but I singled the ones above out as permanent locks.  Coming next; my favorite apps in my “Toys” category!

*She probably would play those games with me, she just isn’t a big fan of them; our first match I won by a large margin and she is NOT a fan of losing.  I don’t begrudge her her revenge on the Yahtzee battlefield. =)


2 thoughts on “Android App Review Special, Part 5: Most Used/Excellent Apps in my “Games” Category

  1. Very helpful list of good essential games. Game Dev Story is well worth the investment and is still on sale FYI. Go get these!!!

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