The State of my Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE) 1/25/2012

Doin’ it large, today.


I’m using 5 homescreens.  Here they are, starting from the left.  Screen 1 is where I hide my Wizz Widget calendar; the paid version is what allows me to theme it with colors and whatnot; Same with the censored (by ObscuraCam!) Facebook one on Screen 2.

Here’s the home, or middle, screen (Screen 3) in all its glory – featuring all of the coolest effects of Minimalistic Text.  I will be doing a whole article on my favorite widgets in the next week or two, expect to see more about this one.

Screen 4 houses my Wizz Widget for Twitter.  Screen 5 is where I start running out of ideas, because I don’t really need a whole lot of widgets.

My Smart Shortcuts dock bar (sliding dock courtesy of Nova Launcher beta) provides my quick links to all my favorite applications.The six icons above the nav icons from left to right, Camera, Media, Games, Toys, Social/GPS, and Tools.

Decided to go in-depth with this post because it may be my only one today; have a big thing to do at work, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to come back to writing later.  One thing is for sure… I should have even more material when I get back from it.


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