Android App Review Special, Part 6: Most Used/Excellent Apps in my “Toys” Category

“Toys” is the label I give apps that really don’t fit the other categories of my Smart Shortcuts.  These are the ones with the most milage on my phones.  Being misfits doesn’t take anything away from them, though!

Deluxe Ultra Voice Changer UChin Kim

$2.00, Free version with fewer voices/effects available

Honestly, the only reason I ever tried this was because it was a free app of the day in the Amazon App Store – and I’m very happy that I did, in hindsight.  It’s way more fun than it should be to simply record your voice and play it back with silly effects on it.  Deluxe Ultra Voice Changer features one voice that can make you sound very similar to Gir from Invader Zim – once I discovered that one, this became a fixture on phones I own.

Embiggen Pointless Software

Free, Embiggen Plus available for $0.99 (same app, but with with colors!)

Take whatever you want to say, but can’t.  Express it to anybody who can read regardless.  It really is as simple as that.  Embiggen does it, and does it perfectly.  I’ve used it in meetings, thought VERY HARD about using it in traffic, and have even used it in a noisy bar.

It’s just one of those apps that is nothing more than what it claims, and does what it claims to do flawlessly.  The paid version simply adds color – I don’t need color, but I may pick it up later just to support the developer.

Photo Warp Tonuzaba Entertainment


One of the most popular free Android apps of all time for a reason – this lets you morph your photos just by swiping your screen.  Create hideous or hilarious versions of yourself or anybody/thing you have a snapshot of.


  Andro Daft / Meet Gir / IT Crowd SoundBoard / Portal Soundboards

I was extremely saddened, but somewhat unsurprised to see that 3 out of 4 of my favorite soundboards have been pulled from the Android Market (copyrights can be a bitch).  No matter, I have backups.  There are a lot of soundboards on the Android Market;  I’m a fool for them.  They’re a great source of brief amusement in groups, and often have nice features, such as being able to save the sounds as ringtones/notification tones – occasionally even containing something more interactive.

  Andro Daft is one of the most creative soundboards I’ve ever seen, featuring snippets of lyrics from Daft Punk’s most popular songs – it allows you to play the background music and click along to it, karaoke style!  It even has a Simon-style game featuring the lyrics of Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

Social and GPS apps are next!  I’ve also got a bonus planned – My favorite Widgets, too!  If you can’t memorize my URL, memorize its IP address, and come back every day!  Don’t hesitate to contact me, or follow me on Twitter!


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