JUST REBOOT! will have reviewed 50+ Android Apps in 40 Days as of Tomorrow’s Posts.

I’ve just installed a ridiculous amount of applications.

I think I may make my phone asplode.  That’s like exploding, but not actually exploding; just nearly filled to bursting.

This isn’t true either; I have a remarkable amount of room left on my phone despite the bazillion apps, the nandroid backups, the Titanium Backups, the music, the wallpapers and pictures, the movies, and the miscellaneous .zip’s of mods, AOKP builds, and kernels residing on it. /end bragging;/end hugging my Galaxy Nexus

All I know is; more reviews, incoming!

After tomorrow’s posts I will have surpassed a total of 50 apps reviewed; and I only started doing this in earnest the week of Christmas ’11.  The site has had over 6,000 visitors in that time!  I don’t know if I can keep up that ridiculous pace, but I’m not going to stop, so… we’ll see.



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