Android App Review: Spotlight – Wallbase HD Wallpapers

Wallbase HD Wallpapers Tim Clark

Free (Ad Supported), PRO key to remove ads available for $1.32

I’m struggling to start this review, because all I want to do is gush about how this is the greatest wallpaper app I’ve ever used.  Keeping it toned down is proving to be a challenge; the paragraph you’re reading right now has been erased and retyped at least four times.  To help put into perspective how great this application is, see my next post – it’s going to be nothing but wallpapers I’ve pulled from Wallbase.

When you click a wallpaper, you see its image, resolution, source, number of views, who uploaded it, its rating, and its tags. The tags are clickable as search options. From here you can also set it as your current wallpaper, share it, and save the file.

From Wallbase’s Market page:

Wallbase ( is a website which scrapes wallpapers from 4chan ( and then allows users to tag/moderate the wallpapers.

If you’ve never been to 4chan, it is the largest english-language imageboard site on the web.  Many of the memes, wallpapers, random and crazy images you see on the ‘net everyday were birthed there.  The wallpaper sections of 4chan are prolific; I’ve spent hours browsing through the threads there, looking for the perfect walls for my PCs and phones.

I'm a sucker for some Invader Zim wallpapers.

Wallbase is a great website; its an even better app.  Being able to search and browse a million wallpapers anytime is amazing; being able to further search by screen resolution and for specific color walls is mind-blowing.  Google searching or using other search engines to find wallpapers is cumbersome and annoying; going through page after page of unsearchable 4chan threads looking for the type of wall you want is excruciating.  Wallbase HD Wallpapers takes these annoyances completely out of the equation, and does it extremely well.

Yesterday while tinkering with this app, I must have downloaded over 100 wallpapers.  The app never skipped or misbehaved, never force closed, and never caused any problems on my Galaxy Nexus.  It’s intuitive to use; I think it took me a minute flat to work out exactly how to navigate around in it.  The only feature I didn’t try of the several included was setting a wallpaper directly from the app; I prefer to do that from QuickPic, and didn’t want to change my active wallpaper.  Sharing seems to work well, but I did not test it extensively.

Something that confused me at first were the ‘SFW’ and ‘Sketchy’ toggles – they’re set up the way they are because the Android Market didn’t allow them to do a ‘NSFW’ tag due to their ‘no porn’ policy.  As far as I can tell from testing it, turning ‘SFW’ off just removes files tagged as SFW (Safe for Work) – good if you have ‘Sketchy’ on, and are looking for scantily-clad boys and girls being provocative; turning ‘Sketchy’ off and ‘SFW’ on means there aren’t any boobies and/or butts in the way of your wallpaper search. Having both on shows everything; having neither on shows only those that lack SFW or Sketchy tags.

The only con I can list is that while the selection of wallpapers is great, they’re at their greatest when you’re looking for the kind of wallpapers that are often popular on 4chan.  This means if you’re looking for anime walls, space walls, abstracts, girls, boys, cartoons, comic books, muscle cars, motorcycles, geek stuff, funny stuff… classic wallpaper fodder, you’re in luck.  You’re better off using Google for something like ‘Buffalo Bills’ or ‘Larry the Cable Guy’ searches – a lot of specific tastes just aren’t catered to.


  • If you want a broad assortment of wallpapers to choose from, get this app now.
  • Stable app with an easy interface, great search options, and smart options.
  • An incredible bargain at free; get the paid app to support this developer.
  • Check out the developers’ other apps as well.
  • Not for kids; no real way to prevent potentially seeing some sexy or awful stuff.

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