Android App Review: Spotlight – TouchRetouch Free

TouchRetouch Free Adva Soft

…Free.  Remove Ads version for $0.99

I spend an awful lot of time reading Android sites and news, as you may have guessed if you’ve ever clicked “Many Links!” at the top of my blog.  This app was one I found on a list of the 150 best apps of 2011 at, and after trying it, I’m not surpised.  The app is way better than you’d expect at removing little things from images and making it look like they were never there!

The most common usage I’ve had for it was to remove signatures and useless text from otherwise nice wallpapers (sorry artists, make your tags less detrimental to the piece if you don’t want me to do this), but there are fun and wicked things you can do with it as well.  It isn’t perfect (that would be magic), but it is still bloody impressive. The ad-free version also comes with a slew of features – I’m going to grab it just because I like the free version so much.

It’s so simple; select an area that needs to be removed/retouched.  Choose the brush, and draw over that area with your fingertip.  Hit ‘Start’.  Done!  There’s no better way to describe its power than to show you a few things I’ve done with it, so here are some examples!  (MouseOver for info)

Red/Black Awesome Space Wallpaper

Spice and Wolf (or Wolf and Spice, depending on your region) Wallpaper

My bloody stupid cat Jupiter

So, as you can see, not perfect (then again, my cat picture was terrible to start with, and a massive challenge for the program), but still does a startlingly good job at replacing the parts of the image based on its surroundings.  I was particularly amused by the double refridgerator handle.


  • A shockingly powerful application for such a low price for removing unwanted things in photos.
  • A bargain at 99 cents, a total steal for the free version.
  • You can do many things to images with this app, ranging from the practical to the absurd.
  • The picture of my cat without its head is incredibly disturbing, yet comforting when he’s meowing his ass off and throwing cat fits for no reason.

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