Something a Little Different: iPhone Games I’d Like To Have on Android

I’m about to let you in on a little secret; my home houses two Droid 2’s, a Galaxy Nexus, an HTC Rezound…. and an iPhone4.  Yes, I have an iPhone because I need it for work, and I have to admit it’s not too shabby.  If I could only have one of these phones, I’d pick my Galaxy Nexus, but it’d be narrow-minded of me to say that the iPhone is a bad device.

You can’t argue with its sales – and you can’t argue with its massive apps library.  It’s a betrayal in my mind, saying I do in fact enjoy my iPhone, but I can’t help it.  I find I’m playing with it just as much as I’m playing with my Android devices, lately.  If only it was more customizable and didn’t require the godawful application that is iTunes (Sorry Apple fans, I hate iTunes with a passion), I might even consider switching.  It isn’t happening, but I have to give it the credit its due. With that said, I want to talk about a few games I’ve tried on the iPhone that I can’t wait to see them come to Android, because then I could keep my iPhone strictly business.

You may have heard that the mega-hit game Temple Run is coming to Android soon; that’s what prompted me to write this article.  If I hadn’t heard that its already planning on making the leap, it’d be first on my list.  A very simple game with tight controls, perfect graphics, and addictive gameplay… it’s just a nearly flawless game, and we’re going to be glad to have it on our Androids soon.  I can’t overstate how well done this game is, and I fully expect it to rock every bit as hard when it comes to our Android devices.  Unfortunately, not every game from the App Store is going to cross over to the Android Market… here are a few that I want to see make the leap, so more people can enjoy them.

Jetpack Joyride Halfbrick Studios

This is a no-brainer; this game won tons of industry awards in 2011.  Halfbrick is no stranger to making fantastic games; they’re also the geniuses behind Age of Zombies and the Fruit Ninja games.

In Jetpack Joyride, you are Barry Steakfries, and you steal a jetpack and uh… go for a joyride.  Simple gameplay is simple; you press the screen to go up, and let go to go down, using this amazing power to avoid obstacles and collect power-ups, coinage, and special items.  The goal is to go as far as possible, much like Temple Run.  Collecting coins allows you to buy for special outfits for Barry, skins and upgrades for your jetpack, boosts, and more.  There are in-app purchases of coins and stuff available for those who want to throw down some cash to save some coin grinding time.

Dragonvale Backflip Studios

As you may have gathered from my review of Tiny Tower, I’m a sucker for these real-time utilizing ant-farm style games.  While Tiny Tower and Pocket Frogs have ‘Bitizens’ and trippy glowing frogs respectively, Dragonvale has… dragons, duh.  You run a park that displays dragons, and you gotta build their habitats, farm their treats, breed the dragons, and pretty up the place to be successful.

I need this to come to Android for the sake of my marriage.  My wife adores her Pocket Frogs, but her first love is dragons.  Seeing me play this game just annoys her.  I can’t even show her the adorable bouncing mountain dragon I’ve raised, or brag to her about how I’ve built a Colosseum for my dragons to compete in for prizes… it just earns me a cold shoulder and a dirty look, because she has an Android phone and can’t play this little gem just yet.

This game is free, but REALLY works the in-app purchase angle.  It takes patience to play for free, and a strong will to resist spending money on the in-app purchases that will speed things up.  I find myself checking in on my park repeatedly throughout my day, most often to check the progress of my hours-long builds and egg incubations.  Addictive and painfully cute, if this game comes to Android I will lose hours and hours of time with my wife to it, but it may be worth it just to keep the peace at home!

Shantae: Risky’s Revenge WayForward Technologies, Inc. (link to official site rather than iTunes, because iTunes doesn’t seem to let me find the damn thing)

This Nintendo DS superstar was ported to iOS, and has become a hit all over again.  This is an incredibly unique game, with truly engaging characters and far deeper gameplay than the title and screenshots suggest.  If asked to describe it, I’d say its like Metroid, but given a cartoony, sexy Aladdin-on-Genesis skin.

You play a belly-dancing half-genie named Shantae, who must race to find the Magic Seals before the dread pirate Risky Boots does, thus saving your town and probably the world in the process.  To do this, you get a myriad of magic powers and shape-changing abilities throughout the game, backing up your standard attack of beating things to death with your hair.

This game has a free demo that allows you to unlock the full game for a measly 99 cents, yet buying the full game outright costs you $4.99 in iTunes.  I have no idea what that’s about.  Perhaps I’ll get asked to pay 99 cents 4 more times, I don’t know, I’m only a couple hours into it.  Regardless, this game is amazing, with fluid gameplay, impressive graphics, and characters you can get invested in – exactly the kind of game that’d be extremely welcome in the Android Market.


  • I can’t wait for Temple Run to come to Android.
  • I would love to see Jetpack Joyride, Dragonvale, and Shantae: Risky’s Revenge come to Android.
  • That is all.

BEWARE!  The Android Market has fakes of iOS games constantly!  Make double-sure to read the reviews, check the publisher name, and read the permissions before downloading every game you download!  There are known fakes of Jetpack Joyride and Temple Run in the Android Market as we speak; there’s also a bogus Dragonvale app as well.  When these games come to Android, all the major sites will be talking about it, and they’ll be made by the same developers who made them on iOS! 

P.S. iTunes is a crap program!


4 thoughts on “Something a Little Different: iPhone Games I’d Like To Have on Android

    • You know, there are a lot of good games there, but I find very few that don’t already exist on the Android Market in some shape or form. These were the only games I’ve encountered thus far that don’t have a real Android counterpart just yet. I am playing a pretty narrow scope of games on it right now though, because I’d much rather use my Android and not pay for everything… plus iTunes demanding my password every time I breathe near it drives me insane. =) I’ll likely find more that I want to cross over as I own the phone longer.


    Interesting to see things from the other side. I don’t do much with games on my phone, so it’s nice to see what’s out there. I think I would play the dragon game, though.

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