Android Game Review: Spotlight – BowQuest: PandaMania! Lite

BowQuest: PandaMania! Lite FizzPow Games

Free – Full Version available for $1.99

I’m having a blast, writing all these reviews… and as of late, it’s starting to get noticed around the web!  Just the other day, I noticed I’d been followed by someone on Twitter named FizzPow.  Intrigued, I went to check out their Twitter, and then their website, and it turns out they’re an enterprising group of developers with a game called Mummy’s Treasure out on iOS, PC and Mac… and it seems that they’re starting to break their way into the Android Market as well, with BowQuest.  I picked up this demo, and played it through in one not-too-long, not-too-short sitting, and decided soon after to write a review out of gratitude for their out-of-the-blue follow!

Why can't more games embrace the single page set of simple directions? I adore this in my games.

What would a game be, without at least a semblance of a story?  In BowQuest, you are an angry panda with a bow, tracking down the rotten thief who stole your radical Fu Manchu mustache right off your face!  In your travels, you encounter a town in danger, being attacked by a bunch of jerks who must be punished.  In return for your help, the folks of the realm will tell you where you can find this nasty thief, but first, please… put a quiver full of arrows into the faces of their enemies.  Being the angry panda you are, you just crack your knuckles and neck, and say, “Fine.  Let’s do this thing.”

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Y'all seen my 'stache?"

With simple tap-and-drags anywhere on the screen, guide your arrows into the bodies of the oncoming hordes.  Early on you’re just taking out snakes, but soon soldiers, jerks who chuck things at you, and even bigger jerks.  They’re all barreling towards your tower with the goal of knocking you off your tower – you’re trying to survive to see the last one drop.

This game reminds me a lot of another hit Android title, Defender.  Unlike Defender, this game has some interesting terrain and enemy behaviors to give it a twist.  Each level is a different set of hills, meaning enemies are either more vulnerable or harder to hit depending on their progress towards you.  You get the ability to upgrade the power of your arrows with the coins you collect from the slaughter, letting you fire multiple arrows at once, set punks on fire, even freeze them temporarily – you can also bolster your towers’ defenses with HP upgrades.

Charge up with strung-together hits and bullseyes to unleash rapid-fire special attacks to clear the board when trouble mounts.

The gameplay is nice, and surprisingly addictive.  I wasn’t into other games like this coming in, so finding myself drawn in was new, and pleasant.  The quirky, subtle humor of the story really powers you along the firing grind, keeping you interested through the levels.  I played through on Medium difficulty (standard choice of easy, medium, and hard), and found the last few levels very challenging.

I finished the demo! ...but I haven't found my Fu Manchu!!!!


  • I couldn’t find a lot of fault with the game.  It isn’t perfect, but no game is.
  • I enjoyed it.  Try it for yourself; the demo is free!  Personally, I will be picking this up at its very reasonable price after finishing off a few other games I’m working on.
  • Your firing finger and wrist will get tired, those baddies can swarm!
  • Definitely looking forward to seeing more from FizzPow… their new project Rocket Ride shows promise.
  • Mount Kung Fuji?  I barely know that guy.


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