The State of my Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE) 2/15/2012

Literally nothing has changed on my phone since last week, so this installment will feature something awesome from the newly minted AOKP forums.  If you don’t know, AOKP (Android Open Kang Project) is easily the best ICS ROM around, and the one I wield proudly on my Nexus.  It does all the great things a custom ROM should do, like cutting out the crapware, speeding up the UI, and enhancing battery life – and does it all with a bunch of ridiculously cool features and mods built in.

I posted a challenge for AOKP forum members to draw a picture of the Team Kang mascot (the angry pink unicorn with a rainbow mane, shown above) riding on a path made of butter* that it generated in front of it, like Iceman’s ice paths from X-Men comics.  One member stepped up to the plate and delivered, within a mere two days.

I am proud to present you the Team Kang Unicorn, by AOKP forum member zero neck.

Amazing job, zero neck.  So much win.  You are a true AOKP fan.  Roman, AOKP’s primary developer, had this to say in response to this image: “I love you.”

1.) the term used in changelogs from Roman to describe non-detailed enhancements made to the AOKP ROM, e.g. “Tons of extra butter” implying “lots of small code enhancement done behind the scenes”
2.) slang used as a positive description of the slickness of the AOKP UI, e.g. “AOKP is so butter I wring out my phone over my corn on the cob.”

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