Android App Review: Spotlight – GoneMAD Music Player

GoneMAD Music Player GoneMAD Software LLC

14 Day Free Trial, Unlocker (Market Link, Goes With the Trial) $3.99

We’re spoiled for choices when it comes to our music on Android.  There are so many  options; stock Google Music (Dammit, stop downloading crap music at me!  What made you think I wanted Jump by Kriss Kross?!  And yes, I know I can turn this off, it just has crappy widgets), PowerAmp, WinAmp, CM9 Music (which, to me, is shiny but neutered Google Music), Amazon MP3, PlayerPro, SubSonic, doubleTwist… and about a bazillion more.  After trying a bunch of them, I ended up buying the license for GoneMAD on day 13 of my trial period.

What set GoneMAD aside for me, personally, wasn’t as much its incredibly vast set of options (seriously, click that link, it’s the details for all the options – and it has almost any you can think of, jaw-dropping list), its near-flawless performance, the fact that it was the first I found that did exactly what I wanted (view my damn mp3’s by filename and straight-up add file folders as playlists) – it was the developer.

Equalizer works brilliantly, and the presets are well thought-out. For those not digging the cyan-and-black color scheme, the dev's website stated just yesterday that he's making good progress on some color/theming options for future updates.

Yearning for the music player that did what I was looking for and not finding it, I posted this on reddit.  In that thread, GoneMad16 introduced me to his (assuming male for the sake of not putting a disclaimer on every pronoun) app.  After trying it out, I had some questions.  He stuck right with me and answered those questions, and asked me right there in the thread the troubleshooting questions to fix it.  Now, I’m always game for trying to help out and promote the work of other redditors, but when they’re willing to stick right there with you and figure out a problem, that’s something special.  He didn’t just put his app out there, he’s backing it up with all he’s got.

This app has exceeded my expectations, has a very reasonable price, doesn’t try to mimic iTunes, and isn’t wasting my data downloading songs I’m not interested in like Google Music tries to.  Between GoneMAD and my fancy new bluetooth headphones, I’m set for the duration when it comes to tunes.

Don't forget your widgets!

By the way, GoneMad16 – I figured out what the problem with my Gapless Playback was.  Non-standard encoding on tracks.  Re-encoded problem tracks with Audacity (LAME).  Resolved!


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