Android Game Review: Putting ‘Run, Pig, Run’ to the Test!

Run, Pig, Run SnottyApps

Free for Testing, Right Now!

I got a beef (pork?) right off the bat; I wish the title was more grammatically correct.  I want it to be ‘Run Pig, Run!’ Get on it, SnottyApps!  (I’m joking.  Your app, your name.)

Okay, enough being a dink, let’s check this pig out.  I love the approach the developer is taking here; public betas are fun.  I’m just going to stream-of-consciousness type rather than over analyze, so forgive me if it stops seeming linear and whatnot.  I’m going to talk about the screenshots and what I remember about ’em, and then summarize.  Let’s start before we begin, into the Settings screen:

Impressions so far are very good.  It’s important to gamers like myself to have the option to turn off music/sound effects/vibrate.  Sometimes you don’t wanna alert your stall neighbor that you’re gaming on the can.  Items to disable to improve performance is also nice, especially in a game that banks so hard on its smooth scrolling for the gameplay.  Really appreciate the ability to turn off ads in this test version.  Having played a bit, I can’t think of any options to add, with the exception of perhaps a difficulty scaler of some kind.


Here is where we will learn our basic piggery.  Controls are pretty easy; tap left side of screen to jump, hold longer to jump higher, tap again to double jump.  Left side fires up your power-ups – in the form of beers and peppers.  Beers will make you toot, getting a speed burst when you’re on the ground – peppers will make you toot fire, propelling your terrified pre-bacon forward in mid-air.  That’s all perfectly normal.

Gameplay consists of guiding your pig up and over obstacles while the screen scrolls relentlessly – only stopping if you hit a wall, at which time some straight up spider-pig action takes place, as your pig climbs it and keeps going.  Little pig-head shaped landmines litter the playfield, try to avoid these as they go boom on your face – hearts replenish your health I suppose, but I can’t tell – the little heart icon doesn’t really change at all, so I couldn’t gauge how many hits I could take.  It isn’t a whole lot.  The difficulty of the game is just right; not too well-done, not too rare.  It is a joy to see how scared our hero looks when he’s floating on ass-fire.


More of what’s above, except the level ends instead of looping, and you’re going for a fast time.  Working as intended, thus far.


The sleepy kind of shows in this level - it's dull, with lots of walls to climb and no peppers to fart my way forward with. It's odd for me to say 'too many beers' about a game, but there you have it.

I encountered my first bug in this board; I accidentally paused the game without meaning to, and when I attempted to un-pause, the music would start back up; but the game did not move.  I had to back out.


This was definitely an improvement, but it still suffered from a lack of peppers (easily my favorite part so far).  I kept finding myself wishing for a way to smash through walls rather than having to climb them all, and noticed some power-ups enclosed in walls; is a power-up of that nature in future planning?  I hope so!  Hmmm… or perhaps I could pepper-blast my way into one of those…. no… doesn’t seem to work, at least not for me.  I might suck at pepperfart accuracy.


A fun game mode - you have 1 minute to collect as many bottles as you can before time runs out. As you can see here, I sucked at it, having eaten too many mines early. This mode needs to survive to final version.


Honestly, I skipped straight ahead to the next one, hanging my head in shame at my poor performance in stage #5.


When I got to this stage, I was a little puzzled; I didn’t understand how having a boss added up, here.  What was I going to do, sit on its head and eat a pepper?  Not quite; my panicky, problem-drinker porker is going to whip infinite beer bottles at a giant version of the evil pigmines, and it spits pigmines at me.  Bloody fantastic.

I got this.  After four or five tries, I took down this bastard in just over a minute.  The difficulty sort of varied by attempt – the mines the boss spit at me would sometimes come in very random intervals, which was impressive.  The boss mindlessly moves up and down, making this relatively simple to time.  With apologies, I must humbly report that the beer bottles appear as though our hero is firing poo out of its crotch at the monster.


SnottyApps, you got something good happening here.  With the exception of the bug I mentioned earlier, I ran into no problems on my Galaxy Nexus.  I love that you included an exit button on the app.  Let me summarize my suggestions/thoughts in the form of…


  • Difficulty settings or speed settings would be nice.
  • More peppers, and/or special peppers that allow smashing through walls would be brilliant.
  • I could not tell what my health was, the heart icon didn’t change regardless of hits or hearts gathered.
  • Polish, polish, polish.  Your game already has more polish than a lot of finished apps in the Android Market; I was pining for more animation and graphics, but feel like once you have the game playing the way you want it to, you’ll make it pretty.  I want good animations for death, better bottle flings, better icons to grab, different backgrounds… I know, I know.  It’s early times.
  • The boss was sort of a letdown, but its firing pattern was a lot less predictable than its movement pattern.
  • Controls and options are very well done; important important bits!
  • A little backstory would be nice.  What are you running from, pig?!
  • I fucked up and enjoyed myself.  Sorry.
  • I wasn’t joking about the name!

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