Something a Little Different: Games that are duds on Android 4.0.x (Ice Cream Sandwich)

Thus far, most of the games and apps I’ve reviewed have been ones that I enjoyed personally, or games by new developers who I wanted to get a little more feedback and downloads for.  What I haven’t written a lot about are games I didn’t like, or games that flat-out aren’t working.  Here’s a short list of the ones I’ve come across that have been a disappointment thus far on my Galaxy Nexus, which is running Android 4.0.3, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich.  We need to get on the cases of these developers to get their apps a fix update, and in the meantime avoid purchasing them if we intend to use them on our Android 4.0.x devices.

Perhaps the one annoying me the most, Peggle freezes up completely after firing the first or second volley at the pegs, locking up my phone, causing me to either pull the battery or kill the application (luckily my ROM has this feature).  That’s just my experience – its been buggy and worse for a lot of other people, too.  There are reports that it works when purchased from the Amazon App Store – but thats where mine is from, and no, its still broken.  You’d think a huge developer like EA Games would get on something like this, but alas, this is not the case.  Avoid!

Perhaps a little unfair to be listed as its working for some people, I was one of the people who had to refund when the download simply wouldn’t go.  Sega did a lousy job providing bandwidth for this download, leading to LOTS of very frustrated users, and it hasn’t improved since launch.  To make matters worse, on Galaxy Nexus the game often ran very slowly (at least at first), pretty much taking all the Sonic out of Sonic.  It’s a real shame, because I adored this game as a kid… my best friend had a Sega CD and I’d play this for hours.  Et tu, Sega?

[adultswim]’s venture into iPhone games has been successful, and it has carried on to Android – Robot Unicorn Attack is an absurd but very fun and addictive game.  Unfortunately, on ICS it instantly freezes completely, sometimes resulting in needing a battery pull if you aren’t AOKP kill-enabled.  Unacceptable!

My guilty pleasure, this flash game has been around forever.  The Android port of it in the Market has resolution issues on my GNex.  Unplayable due to only being able to see a corner of the screen.  I wanted to fire kittens out of a cannon into bombs, trampolines, and cacti!  On my phone, this time!

I know there has to be quite a bit more out there, so if you find any, let me know so I can add them to the list!  Come back to see the edits!



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