Android App Review: Spotlight – Text Killer

Text Killer Justin P Harrison

Free (Not even ads!)

This won’t take long.

What we have here is an app that:

  • Works precisely as advertised
  • Is free with NO ADS (pretty much a giveaway by the developer)
  • Was created by a redditor (this is a slight bonus, to me)

Sexy Perfect Keyboard skin not included.

When you flip the switch to ON, you can long-press the search button and splat – all your texts are deleted.  This even works if you have multiple apps using long-press search functions – you just choose Text Killer from the list of possible actions.  It also allows you to set a ‘password’ that when texted to your phone from another, will remotely delete all your texts.  This is a neat function, even for the simplest reason of just deleting your text messages; the value increases if you have one of the specific situations you might wish you did, for example:

  • You’re a cheating scumbag, and your significant other has access to your phone
  • You’re a drug-dealing scumbag, and the police have your phone
  • Your phone was stolen by some scumbag and you don’t want them to gain access to your personal messages
  • Your boss or parents or someone has your phone and blah blah blah… scumbags

Alright, maybe I can only think of mostly seedy examples of why this is useful, but at the incredible price of absolutely nothing, this app is a rare gem.  Even if, like me, all you use it for is an easy way to empty your cache – can’t argue with no-ads free.


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