Android Game Review: Spotlight – Connector Lite

There will be a few of these this week, as several developers have contacted me looking for my opinion on their games and apps.  It’s a real honor!  I’m quite enjoying the attention the blog is starting to generate, and very grateful that these developers are finding my posts informative and useful.  Enough of that, though – it’s Connector time.


Connector Lite Horama

Free – Full Version $1.40

Brain teaser games drive me crazy.  It’s not that I don’t like them, I’m just so very bad at them.  It gets particularly bad if the game has a countdown timer.  In spite of this, I found myself enjoying Connector.  No time limits, and you often have to plan your moves as if you were on a chess board.  Your goal in Connector is to align all the little blocks so that they’re all connected to other blocks of their corresponding colors, thus completing the circuit, as it were.  It helped me to think of them as circuits.

The simple controls are simple – applying them gets a bit tricky.  Probably the only real criticism I have for Connector is that the pegs you can move and switch aren’t obvious – its a bit of a guessing game, long-pressing each one in turn until one allows you to switch it with another one.  It could just be my display – the background of the moveable pieces is supposed to be a little lighter –  but it makes things more difficult.

I played through the first half of the easy levels, and then tried Medium – the scale of difficulty ratchets up considerably, there.  I haven’t even gotten past the first level yet. With the free version containing 60 levels, I have tons of playtime ahead of me in this title.  The paid version includes a whopping 320 more levels, and includes the ‘Hard’ and ‘Insane’ level sets – judging from Medium, I’m sure these are mind-twistingly complex.  If you like no-pressure puzzle games (with rather decent music), give this a go!


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