Android Game Review: Spotlight – One Epic Game

One Epic Game Grip Games


This title is testament to developers catching on to the formula for success for mobile games from their predecessors.  Said formula goes something like this:

  • Code simple, easy-to-pickup game mechanics anybody can understand
  • Polish the hell out of it so the menus/controls/transitions are tight
  • Add highly detailed and colorful graphics, engaging music, and a measure of plot/humor to keep the player wanting to see more
  • Ditch traditional ads and paid versions for subtle ads to download other free games, and have in-game purchases.
  • Scale the difficulty just right so that users don’t need to make in-game purchases, but are really tempted to.

Add all of that up, and you have things like Temple Run (iOS, for now), Dragonvale (iOS, for now), and One Epic Game.  Unlike Temple Run and Dragonvale however, OEG meets those five criteria AND you shoot zombies, knights, aliens, dragons, and Nazis in the face.

I became an instant fan of this game after the introductory movie.  The game has no regard for the fourth wall whatsoever, and has a fantastic sense of humor.  It doesn’t take long until you’re working hard to beat levels simply because you want to see the next scene play out.  Your hero’s mission is to plow through level after level of gaming’s greatest clichés, and maintain your life, sanity, and interest throughout, and crack wiseacre jokes at the end.

Sorry, not a lot of gameplay screens - its a bitch to take a screenie and not die. Check out the fullscreen goodness, though - that's related to my phone and not the game, more on that in this week's Nexus post!

Gameplay, as mentioned, is simple.  The screen simply scrolls and your character runs.  You have a jump button, and a shoot button.  They work predictably.  Obstacles and enemies appear – you can hop obstacles, you can jump on enemies to kill them, and you can shoot.  Various power-ups and enhancements are around.  Sometimes the floor collapses; sometimes crap falls out of the sky at you.  You can get a jetpack and fly!  I think I’ve got it more or less covered, here.

You can pick up some perks between levels - the 'Free EP' links you to a page full of activities such as signing up for websites, credit cards, downloading other games, and more to earn more Epic Points. I like this better than regular ads.

There are several subtle twists – each level isn’t more of the same, and this is where OEG shines.  Sometimes your goal involves not killing anything, and dodging your way to victory.  Sometimes you gotta get to a certain running speed.  You may need to kill x enemies, kill only certain enemies, start with only 1 health…. I need to play on, so I can see what else these clever buggers at Grip Games are going to throw at me.

If you like comic books and zombies, this is an automatic get.  Stop reading my stupid blog and install this game right now if you fall into this category.  Everybody else, I highly recommend trying it out.



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