Android Game Review: Spotlights – Debut Games From New Developers Roundup!

MOTR: Coin Flip Lite Jaxel Studios


Our first entry is a simple coin-flipper, with the twist being that you can flip a coin as a kind of game, and go for the high score by repeatedly getting the same result.  It has an adorable ‘Monkey on the Run’ theme, and repetitive-but-cute music. Nice if you need a coin flip, or simply want a one-handed time waster you don’t have to invest much time in.

It’s still a bit of a work in progress (the ‘Full Version’ button on the title page just links to the lite version Market link), but a nice start for an ambitious developer, who is also currently working on a story book app, a racer, and a platformer – all with the monkey.

graBLOX Blind Cat Studios


Blind Cat Studios comes roaring (meowing?) out of the gate with their first offering, graBLOX.  This game is a rare gift, in that it is a truly unique puzzle game – so many are clones and riffs of previous puzzlers these days.  Factor in the fact that it is fun as well as refreshing, and you have a recipe for great success; I sincerely hope this game garners more attention, because the developer went out of their way to polish it rather nicely and create a TON of levels before releasing it… this is another rarity for a ‘first app’.

The goal of graBLOX is to clear away all the BLOX from the board.  To do this, you need to tap your BLOX in the right order, so that little hands fire out from them and grab the other ones around it, resulting in a cluster of 3 or more BLOX – at which point, they all poof out of existence.  It starts out simple to get you going, but the challenge quickly grows, and you’ll be racking your brain to work out the right combination of BLOX taps to move on.

The support for this app comes in the form of a links page in the upper-left corner of its opening screen (where it says ‘Top Apps’), and that’s all.  Once you start enjoying the game (I think you will), definitely check out some of the offers there.

Free Love Love Love Effektfabriken

Free | Paid version (removes ads/includes global scoreboard!) here for $1.51

A couple of friends got together and made this game for a company local to them, and I have to admit, I’m feelin’ the love now that it’s published.  In a pleasantly unique twist to the Tetris/Dr. Mario/Bejeweled casual puzzle game genre, Love Love Love follows the ‘put a few together to make them dissappear and get you points’ formula, but gets the colors of the pieces involved.

Check out the before and after pictures below:

Drop a blue piece on top of a red one, the one you drop it on becomes purple.  Drop a yellow on a red: red becomes orange.  Hit that orange one with a blue one, and it becomes a white box with a rainbow heart within – lining up four of those is the hardest, but most rewarding points-wise.

Might as well face it, I'm addicted to love...

I am enjoying the free version, and can see picking up the paid one in the future.  I often find myself simply trying to draw shapes and objects with the different color blocks rather than playing properly!

After trying their products, I would have to say that each of the developers in this post are worth watching for what they bring next.  Support your devs!


4 thoughts on “Android Game Review: Spotlights – Debut Games From New Developers Roundup!

  1. Some great up coming developers here for sure ! Fun and simple games is the key . Many thanks for the mention ( MOTR Coin Flip currently being tweaked for reduced file size and reduced initial loading time)

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