Android Game Review: Spotlight – Bag It!

Bag It! Hidden Variable Studios


Once upon a time, a developer at Hidden Variable Studios ate a lot of hallucinogenic mushrooms and went shopping, and the concept for Bag It! was born.  The previous statement is a complete slander with absolutely no factual basis, but if you pick up and play this game, you may find yourself willing to believe it.

In Bag It!, your mission is to take your adorable and apparently alive grocery items and stack them in a large paper bag in the most efficient way possible while avoiding crushing said items.  Not only will you feel like you stepped on a puppy if you inadvertently squish something, (the items ARE very cute), you will lose points, and in later levels, get strikes against you.  Once a bag is filled to your satisfaction, you will need to turn your phone back and forth to prove its a stable load, as contents may shift during transport.

The standard game starts pretty easy, to get you familiar with the load-bearing capabilities, sizes, and stacking methods you’ll employ throughout the game, but it very quickly gets fiendishly difficult, as added variables like strikes (crush three things and you’re out), multiple bags, and oversized loads are added; the game likes to troll you by giving you a selection of light items first and then presenting you with a watermelon or something.  While dragging and dropping items into your bag, you can make the item rotate by pressing a second finger to the screen – making multi-touch supporting devices a must to play this.  Rotating an item not only causes the item to make a weird face at you, it also will decrease their load-bearing strength.

That's right, eggs. Tremble with fear. Your doom has been foretold this day.

Other modes the game features are Puzzle and Rampage modes – the first of which involves solving tricky bagging situations, the latter crushing things ruthlessly… both feel like bonuses really, when added to the fun of the standard play.  This game is also (groooooan…) OpenFeint enabled.

Bag It! has a free version, but it isn’t in English so I haven’t linked it – but I would say that $1.99 is a fair price for this game.  I would recommend it for masters of organization who enjoy cute things, and as a diversion parents and children alike can enjoy.  I bet my father would like this game; he’s an expert at cramming a car trunk to capacity for his biking and camping outings.

Doom! Doom! DOOM! Mwahahahahahahahahaha!


  • Fun for all ages.
  • Requires a phone capable of multi-touch – this is most phones these days, but still worth mentioning.
  • This game will make you hate french bread.
  • Sigh… OpenFeint.  Yes OpenFeint, my imaginary e-peen doesn’t like fun.
  • I spend most of my time in this game threatening fragile food with death from above by heavy food.



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