Android Game Review: Spotlight – Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect Dude Perfect

$0.99 (Expand the game with similarly priced in-app purchases)

If you’ve never seen the Dude Perfect YouTube clips of their insane trick shots, I’ll make it easy for you and provide some embedded links below.

Now that you’ve seen Dude Perfect, imagine it in 99 cent app form.  Congrats, you already know what you’re getting into!

That first bounce isn't how bounces work, but this still illustrates the point well.

Dude Perfect takes an Angry Birds drag-and-flick frame and applies it to the wacky sport of trick basketball shots, and does it well.  Prepare to make astonishingly long baskets, bouncing the ball off as many things as possible along the way in order to rack up a massive score and get to the next level.

Simple game is simple – you have three shots to try to make your basket.  The twist is, you need to use the games’ impossible physics to bounce the ball off all manner of things to get your score up before it goes through the hoop.  It’s a good thing the game has impossible physics, because the shots the game presents are cartoony impossibilities compared to the real-life antics of the crew above.

You can choose from any of the Dude Perfect crew to be your shooter of choice, and they each have unique strengths.  One has an edge on distance, another on aim; I tend to stick with whatever is the default.  With an in-app purchase, you can unlock additional characters, and the ability to make your own levels with their level editor – a very interesting prospect I intend to explore once I’m better at the game.

I’m keeping this short, but its for good reason – there’s not a lot to add.  It’s a really good game for a buck, and for an additional two to get the level editor.  There are a ton of levels, lots of ways to share your scores, achievements, the game doesn’t seem to have any major bugs… can’t really go wrong unless you just don’t like it, taste-wise.


  • Dude, its almost Perfect.
  • Fun and addicting.
  • Frustratingly difficult at times!
  • Lacks the high-fiving, energetic man-love after successful shots of its origins.
  • Sometimes a little bland, but what did you expect for a dollar?
  • If basketballs bounced like those crazy vending machine bouncy-balls, the physics in this game would be realistic.

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