Android Wallpapers Collected From the ‘Net III: Favorites for Red Themes

So in the previous two Android wallpaper posts, I included only walls featuring Bugdroid (or Andy, or whatever you wanna call the bugger) – Today out of generousity and laziness I’m going to begin posting a few of my favorite walls for particular color themes on my phones, starting with red.  Some of these you may have seen already in my State of the Galaxy Nexus posts – some are new.  The usual disclaimer applies – I didn’t make nor do I own the rights to any of these, if you want them taken down, let me know.  Adding to the disclaimer – if you are a wallpaper collector like me, many of these won’t be new to you.  Many of these walls are for PCs and Macs – cropped down, I’ve had them make great Android walls.  Your experience may differ.  There will be anime walls, simply because a lot of them look really good.   I’m just trying to share the love.  Enjoy!

RED: Red is the most common color choice for my phones.  It just suits my personality most of the time.  There are often great red themes for the ROMs I use available (check out NateModz), and red goes pretty easy on the battery.




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