Android Game Review: Spotlight – Skater Boy


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There’s been quite a bit of buzz about this game lately… the first skateboarding game on Android to get so much ink that I’d ever seen, really.  Skater Boy has taken the Android Market by storm, and it continues doing so right into the Google Play era.  It’s hard to determine why this is, exactly; its possible people are diving in thanks to the reputation Runner Games has earned for itself so far with hits like Yoo Ninja!, Bubble Shoot, and my favorite, Ceramic Destroyer.  They just have a knack for making quality free games with tolerable ads…and for asking in-game for 5 star reviews.

Skater Boy is simple enough; the controls consist of two buttons.  One button makes you accelerate, the other makes you jump.  Hit the jump button in the air to change what type of grind you want to do when you land on something grind-able.  Avoid obstacles because they will result in you falling off of the face of reality (your Skater falls off the bottom of the screen).  Along the way, collect stars and trophies for big points, and avoid obstacles.

Holy craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap....

I was personally unimpressed with the game at first, until I realized that the entire time I’d been unimpressed I was still playing, trying to get past boards, and seeing new obstacles.  It has that addictive quality few games can muster when coupled with simple pick-it-up-and-go play.

As the game progresses, you begin realizing that its a memory test more than anything else; obstacles come fast and furious, and you WILL wipe out.  Finishing a course without wiping out is one of the achievements you’ll have to go for over and over again before getting it right; sometimes just finishing a course is an exercise in muscle-memory timing.  All this really serves to do is make it more rewarding to achieve those goals – after warming up to the game, I embraced its memory challenges rather than lamented the repetition.

Where is the 'NEVER! YOU GO TO HELL!' button?

Aside from not being exactly my kind of game, the only qualm I have with Skater Boy is the pop-ups asking for a 5-star rating.  You can tell that many people have done it simply to get the game to shut the hell up, because it has over 15,000 5-star votes.  They don’t happen that often, but they’re still very annoying.  The ads tend to appear at random as well, but they’re not so obnoxious to take away from the game.


  • 90 levels of free, addictive fun.
  • Sounds are so-so.
  • Begs for that 5-star rating.

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