The State of my Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE) 3/14/2012

Upgrading to Milestone 4 gave me the opportunity to switch back to red.  I haven’t changed much of anything this week aside from recycling some Smart Shortcuts and going to the red theme – I need to see if I can’t create some better icons for this… I’m thinking about making little red Bugdroids with the Smart Shortcut names on their chests to match this Phasebeam.  I love leaving the phone on landscape, and charging with the screen on… staring at this and watching the Androids float by.

In these screenshots you may have noticed I’m listening to SModcast (hence the bluetooth being on) and Llama is enabled; more on Llama later.

  • ROM:AOKP Milestone 4 by Roman and Team Kang (4.0.3) – so buttery
  • Kernel: Stock
  • Theme:Natemodz Red – wallpaper is the sweet and amazing Red Phasebeam live wallpaper that comes with this theme
  • Widgets:Wizz Widgets for Facebook and Twitter (v1.8.35, older one so they aren’t broken), Minimalistic Text , Stock Bookmarks (resized)
  • Icons: Red Chrome/Stock (found at, Simple Text
  • Swagger: Sometimes
  • # of Screens: 3 – 1= Facebook/Bookmarks, 2=Home, 3=Twitter
  • # of Docks: 2 – 1=Red Chrome/Stock icons housing basic functions, 2=Simple Text icons housing Smart Shortcuts

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