Android App Review: Special – The Apps of Thibault Jouannic − Miximum

One of the most enjoyable things about writing this blog is that it has led to being able to interact with and get to know the developers of the apps and games I review.  Many of the apps I’ve reviewed have been from new developers on the scene trying to make their mark; Thibault Jouannic falls into this category.  From a thread on reddit asking about methods of publicizing his apps, a short conversation was struck, I linked him to JUST REBOOT! – and he sent me copies of his paid apps to try out and tell him what I thought.  It didn’t require a promise of a review page, I didn’t have to sign anything… it was just an inventor reaching out, hoping to get feedback and perhaps some publicity.  It’s a lot of fun, and keeps what I’m doing interesting and fulfilling.  If only I can monetize this somehow… but hey, if the developers are struggling to make dough, why should I get a buck for talking up their wares?  I’d rather see them get the money so they keep developing.  For now.  :)

Ledify! – $0.99

Simple, fast, and clean LED-style text scroller.  Very effective for getting attention in a loud or crowded place.  Comes with a small set of pre-loaded phrases.  This app provides nothing to complain about, but does leave just a little bit desired.  All it really needs is the ability to create and save your own phrases to be perfect.  Adjustable speed/size/color of LED scrolling text would be nice, but unnecessary – however, a paid app is expected to have additional settings like these, and it might be a hard sell without them.  A widget would be a welcome addition as well… something you can tap, get a window that says ‘Ledify what?’, enter text, bam, scrolling.  That’d be pretty cool, but oh well, maybe in a future update.  A buy-worthy app regardless – you can do a lot worse in the Play Store with your dollar.

Miximum Reminders – $0.99

Marvelous in its simplicity.  It’s essentially an SMS text scheduler – set up a reminder for yourself, or a reminder for any of your contacts with a text message at a certain date and time.  I’ve already used this three times today beyond my normal ‘does it work?’ testing, and it has been perfect.  The only worrisome aspect of it is that you can conceivably set it to send someone a text once per minute, or multiple times at once per minute – I’ve tested this, and it seems to work to an extent.  I’m not sure whether or not there’s a set limit to the amount of reminders you can set.


I have three bones to pick with this app; two functional, the other cosmetic.  The functional problems are that if you set multiple reminders for yourself, sometimes only one of them will show up in your status bar.  Also, the app lacks a widget.  The cosmetic problem (and this drives me crazy) is that the app is called ‘Reminders’ in your app drawer.  It needs to be Miximum Reminders, so that I can recognize it more easily, and so I can FIND IT IN THE GODDAMN JUNGLE THAT IS MY APP DRAWER.  Ahem… sorry about that.  Pet peeve.  Apps should have the same name in your app drawer as they do in Google Play. 

Napply – Free

Download app.  Choose to add its widget to your homescreen.  Choose a time.  Doze.

For the incredibly low price of absolutely nothing (not even ads) get a fast little alarm when you need it.  This is quite clever; no fiddling around with your standard alarm clock in order to get that 10 minute power-nap in, or to remind you to look at your clock when your schedule is tight but you want to finish your app review blog (currently relevant).  It even features a snooze function; simply turn your phone face down or hit the on-screen button for an extra few minutes. I found nothing to complain about with this app, especially considering its price.

Miximum quotes – Free

quotes widget in action

All this does is generate a random quote from a short list of them – this is also all the widget does.  You can alter settings for language and frequency of the change of the widget quote.  This appears to be Thibault’s first app, and it was a pretty stable and functional one for a practice run.  I personally don’t care for these kind of apps, but if you’re into random quotes, the low fee of literally nothing is worth paying to check this out.

Overall, these are good apps, and likely to get better as Thibault Jouannic improves as a developer.  Go out and grab his apps, and give him that incentive to take his developing skills to the next level!



 When you’re done buying apps/donating to the devs who provide your free ones, bear in mind my tablet fund donation button, on the right side of the home page.  No pressure, though!


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