The State of my Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE) 3/21/2012

AOKP 28 has dropped, and it is as hot as ever.  Adding the ability to change the color of your lockscreen text, lockscreen calendar events, including AppWidgetPicker for streamlined, easier to use widget selection… not to mention support for 4 more devices… Team Kang is truly outdoing itself and outpacing every other ICS ROM with its versatility and customization options.  It is insane how they’re putting out STABLE updates at such a rapid pace.  Insane.  I love it.

After flashing AOKP, and my necessary inverted Gapps (That’s “Google Apps” for you non-crackflashers – thanks so much, @travp624!), I shopped around for a theme, until I remembered my Tweep @JaiThemes who I knew previously for his badass wallpapers has a badass theme called CarbonGlass in the alpha stages.  I had to check it for myself.

For an alpha this is an amazing theme.  The ‘loading’ animation of two little flying Androids is the greatest thing ever.  Check out the gallery below!  I sincerely hope he not only continues working on this theme, but makes similar ones in other colors, and I’m saying so because I’m going to nag him until he reads this, and enjoy watching him tell me to kiss his ass for asking for other colors and shit.  Can’t sweat him for the work right now though; homie is about to take a well-deserved cruise.  Have a safe trip!


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