Android Game Review: Spotlight – Naggers

Naggers Black Envelope

Free (Ad-Supported)

If you’re a fan of reflex-testing, high pressure games of skill and chance, go ahead and download this right now.  The rest of this review will just be a waste of time you could be playing Naggers.

In Naggers, the goal is to get your extend-o-matic dude to the properly-colored squares of victory.  Sounds easy, right?  Well, it is if you let it be.  You just won’t achieve a score of any note, and won’t proceed to the next level.

No, what happens here at the beginning of each level is that you click to start – and when you start, blocks begin filling the screen in a random pattern, creating obstacles.  As these blocks increase in number, your score rises.  You then tap the screen again to initiate your ability to move and stop the blocks from appearing – and once you do that, you must use the directional keys work as fast as humanly possible to get yourself to the goal.  Your points decrease as time goes by.  You also get a few shots to destroy blocks; useful, but you lose points for using those, too. In order to be good at this game and proceed through the levels, you need a combination of luck and skill; blocks placing nicely for you + the ability to quickly navigate a path through them.  It is VERY intense, right from level one, and wasn’t designed to be easy.

But I thought I'd done good that time! Better try again...

The ads in this game aren’t intrusive, but omnipresent; you see them on most of the screens.  The graphics are simplistic, but smooth as silk… and the music, while being MIDI music, is very cool, all trance-y and mellow, and a perfect accompaniment to the game.  The sound effects are appropriate, but not at the level of quality that the music is.  It seems like they paid very special attention to the quality of the songs there.

I’ve been playing it on and off all day and I can’t get past level 4, but I’m notoriously bad at games like these.  Despite how difficult I find it, I’m sure I’ll pick it up again; the challenge is a lot more fun than frustrating.


  • This game demonstrates a deft coding set of hands.
  • It does not really demonstrate a deft graphic design set.
  • Brilliant music, eh sound effects.
  • VERY challenging and intense, a great “pick it up for a little while” game.
  • Deserving of a try, and would be worth buying if they came out with a paid, ad-free version.

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