The State of my Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE) 4/4/2012

It was actually a tough decision to wipe and flash stuff this week, folks.  Running the Black Exodus theme with some red thrown in was a look I was really enjoying.  Ultimately my desire to stick with a look was eclipsed by my desire to showcase some of the theme work of new Twitter and IRC friends, and my desire to see what Android 4.0.4 brought to the table.

Farewell for now, Black Exodus. You will be missed, but I'll be back someday!

I decided to see how many themes I could feasibly check out in one day, and it turns out the answer is 3.  I’m going to upgrade to AOKP build 29, which features the upgrades that come along with Android 4.0.4 – so before I did that, I flashed themes built for b28 first, with wipes in between, in order to give them a proper (if brief) showcase.

The following themes are presented as they appear just after a wipe, on build 28, with no additional theming done by me, and no options in ROM Control changed by me, except for switching signal/battery icons here and there.  They will also only be showing the stock launcher.

First up: @artvandelay440’s green/orange project, currently in beta – Elegance.

What’s themed:
Contacts, Settings, Framework, SystemUI, GoogleSearchWidget, Email, MMS, Keyboard, Dialer, Rom Control, Browser

Art got a strong start, having gained permission from @NitrozK to use his Black Exodus theme as a base.  A nice, calming, and… elegant theme in the making, the green and orange work quite well together, although not with the default live wallpaper.  With the right icons/wallpapers to add to the effect, this can be a very striking theme, and I can’t wait to see what he brings going forward.  I love the subtle green background throughout the menu screens.

I like this theme, however I was hoping for theming of the signal and battery icons to be more unique; the lack of themed apps (the going trend in theming) is notable as well, but it is important to remember that this theme is in very early days.

Next up: THE PYRPLE RABBYT by rabbitfoot.

What’s themed:
framework-res, browser, camera, deskclock, gallery, geniewidget, gmail, googlequicksearch, mms, music, quicksearchbox, settings, systemUI, launcher, youtube, phone, contacts, pandora

rabbitfoot really cranked up the purple on this theme, and extended the theme to some of the more popular apps.  It is a very deep purple, and looks really great; I could find very few flaws with it.  My minor complaints include a lack of theming for the alternate options provided in AOKP for the signal and battery icons.

Final AOKP b28 theme: my buddy @chopperthedog’s Old Friend, “Honeycomb’ish”.

What’s themed:
framework-res, contacts, phone, mms, settings, systemui

Just look at those icons.  Gorgeous.

Chopper was missing some of his favorite themes from Gingerbread, and decided to create a port of a port; xda-developers forum member bendbowden originally made this for the Fascinate.  It is a very lightweight theme, but very attractive; the light touches of color really make this theme pop.  It has a total lack of included themed apps, but Chopper felt it unnecessary, with several talented app themers such as @travp624 out there to supply the missing touches.

So, after checking out these marvelous themes, I wiped yet again, and set about flashing AOKP b29, along with the theme I’ve chosen to go with until b30 drops, or until I can’t stand it anymore.  I went all the way, restored my backups, applied wallpaper and icons, and have my theme in place.  Remember Glowing Green from a few posts ago?  It still exists… and has donned a new name: Nebula.  Nebula has gotten HUGE since I last used it, and is meaner and greener than ever.

Nebula by Kevin3328

What’s themed:
Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, Launcher, browser, calculator, calendar, camera, carhomegoogle (icon), contacts, desk clock, email, gmail, googlesearch, keyboard, mms, phone, Google+, Rom Control, Google Play Music, Settings, SystemUI, GTalk, GooglePlay, YouTube

Nebula is insanely bright green.  It is fantastic, but… so green.  I love it, but it can be way too much for some.  For me, it works, and being able to rep AOKP with a great wallpaper courtesy of the genius of @Mobile_Sensei is icing on the green, green cake.


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