Back in the Saddle!

I’m back from a nice little vacation from the ridiculous pressure I’ve been putting on myself to post.  Nothing quite says ‘all things considered, I’m doing very well in life’ like having the  ability (and feeling the need) to take a break from a hobby.  I feel a refreshed, and have a hefty backlog of material to burn through!

I’ll plow through the rest of my thoughts in my favorite way: unordered list function go!

    • This past week JUST REBOOT! received its first ever donation towards my tablet fund.  Three dollars!  I think someone took pity on me when I whined about it in IRC.  Regardless, I’m extremely grateful!  This coincided with the site’s 25,000th view, which was kind of cool.  This means I need to ratchet up my content to another level again – if I can get 3 bucks per 25,000 views, that means I’ll be able to buy a decent tablet  2,475,000 views from now!

    • Damn those mad scientists at Kairosoft.  With the exception of flashing new versions of AOKP, the only thing I’ve done with my phone in the past few days is obsessively play Grand Prix Story.  It may possibly be more addictive than Game Dev Story.  I haven’t decided whether or not to write a review of it; on one hand it is one of their older titles and has been reviewed extensively already – on the other, who cares, I like it a lot.

    • If someone would have introduced me to pralines and cream ice cream 20 years ago, I would have died last year and needed to be buried in three coffins due to my massive size.  It’s my wife’s favorite, and I have now experienced why.  Noms.

    • The Twitter and Google+ I manage (somewhat) for AOKP have blown up rather nicely, with the former approaching 3,000 followers and the latter included in approaching 2,000 circles.  It’s fun because it makes me feel famous, despite merely being the mouthpiece for the hardworking coders behind the ROM.

    • I am so sore I can barely move my ass.  Literally.  Flexing my ass muscles hurts!  My wife and I have employed the services of a personal trainer, and as cool and knowledgeable as he seems, he is really a ruthless sadist.  By the end of the session, I was dry retching in a garbage can while struggling to breathe.  I’ll be attempting to sleep and hydrate correctly from now on, because if I don’t, this man really will kill me – realizing that was a ‘oh, so THAT’S why this works!’ moment.  Keep up with the man you’re paying to torture you, or DIE! (all joking aside, he’s a great guy and I can feel it doing me good… it’s just… owwww.)

    • Managed to get into a spat on Twitter with another minor Android blogger by telling him my honest opinion of a piece he wrote (it sucked, and by that I mean it was poorly written – the opinion he was putting forth I had no problem with, just the way he did it).  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bothered by the situation; I was just trying to tell him I’d seen him do better work as constructive criticism, and he took it as a personal attack AND as a defensive reaction to the content.  It was neither, but then he went all mental about it, blocking me and calling me names to his followers, so it left me irritated.  Admittedly I could have worded it better, but I was offended by the overall condescending “I’m better than everybody” tone of the post, and it was reflected in the language I chose.  Here’s where I should be typing ‘well, whatever, peace loser!’ or whatever it is people usually type when they’re dismissing someone, but I’m not happy about it and wish there was something I could do to iron out the misunderstanding.  Blah.  In the words of Louie CK, “What I should have said… was nothing.”

    • I’ve learned how to use IRC for the first time this past week, which is easily in the most embarrassing things list someone who’s been into IT and computers for 20ish years can say in 2012.  Maybe for an encore I’ll buy a zip drive and get ‘one of those flat monitors’.

    • Amount of chocolate consumed prior to Easter – too much.  Amount of chocolate consumed on Easter – none.  Amount of chocolate to be consumed after Easter – totally depends on what’s left on discount.

  • Hey, if you enjoy the content here at JUST REBOOT! tell a friend or two.  Spread the knowledge and the words.  Leave comments, follow me on Twitter.  Hit the contact link above.  I’m happy to talk about anything and everything with you, especially Android apps and stuff, and love how I have a hefty backlog of apps to review thanks to developers contacting me.  Thanks for reading everybody, it’s good to be back.

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