Android Game Review: Spotlight – Word Game/Word Juggler

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Free (ad supported)

So, imagine you’re stopped in the city streets at night by a man with a table in front of him, standing with his back to an alley.  It looks as though he’s running a Three-card Monte, only he has five cards instead of three, and instead of being playing cards, the cards are letters of the alphabet.  He tells you you have one minute to arrange them into a word.  It has to be the right word, mind you; sometimes there are more than one word possible.  You do this time and time again, until he ups the ante by upping the number of letter-cards.  Okay, you’ve got the picture formed in your mind.  Good.  I think you gave the man more hair than necessary, but you’ve got it.  Okay.  Now imagine that this is an Android app instead.  Perfect!  You’ve now started playing Word Game/Word Juggler.

This game is a good little diversion, for the price.  You simply drag the letter cards into order as fast as possible to find the magic word that wins the round.  This can be frustrating as hell, because sometimes there are multiple words possible; and with under a minute, it can be difficult to wrap your head around the idea that the word you came up with isn’t the right one in time.

A clean and fast interface with unobtrusive ads is a great place to start for an app, and WG/WJ doesn’t disappoint on that front.  It also doesn’t suffer from the taint of OpenFeint, choosing instead to have its own high score board built-in.  The graphics are nothing to write home about, and neither is the sound; for the latter, there’d be nothing to write.  This game, at least when I tried it, had none whatsoever.  Personally, I like a mute game!

“Got it!  What?  Come on, that’s a perfectly good word!  What could it possibly… oh.  Argh.”

To report a few issues; the game will keep you at 5 letter words for what seems like too long of a time before going to 6 letters.  I’ve encountered repeat words within the same gaming session.  The fact that you can rattle off 3-4 words from one group of cards and not have the right answer may make you want to throw your phone, but don’t flip the table just yet; the guy told you up front that you might not be right.  Just be grateful the app isn’t taking your money like that hairy dude would!


  • Free, fun, addictive.
  • What the hell do you mean that isn’t the right word?  Argh!
  • Is a one-trick pony; this is a good and bad thing in an environment flush with options.
  • No bloody stupid OpenFeint.
  • Another good/bad – No sound.

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