The State of my Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE) 4/11/2012

AOKP build 31 has bounded onto the scene, chasing the slightly buggy builds of 29 and 30 out the door – and has replaced those practice runs with a far tighter ROM, which features a major innovation; being able to put whatever you damn well please in your navigation bar. It’s hard to believe the Zaphod who crammed this feature into AOKP only has one head to work with!  The latest builds of AOKP for the GSM and LTE Nexi now come packaged with the battery life lover’s dream kernel by @faux123 as well – this phone now sleeps like a kitten on top of playing and purring like one.  I don’t care if it’s lame to say things like this now, but it is soooo buttery… and the battery lasts like a champ.

I’ve gone back to the always fantastic NateModz by @Natemz of RootzWiki fame (enough links in a row there, you think?).  I just can’t go too long without a red theme, they really suit my moods and style.  In addition to the blazing red goodness, I’m also using some of @travp624‘s trusty inverted apps to rid my phone of even more awful bright whiteness.

Oh I'm sorry, did you think I'd have Swagger off?

The wallpaper I’m using right now is one of several AOKP walls designed by the always awesome @Mobile_Sensei – This one was originally black and white, but that was something a minute of GIMP editing sorted out to suit my needs.  Gary is a little bit legendary for his wallpapers – I highly recommend grabbing his wallpaper apps.  They’re fantastic values for a buck or two each.  Considering how many wallpapers he’s designed and shared for nothing, I feel a little compensation for his work is LONG overdue.

I’m using Nova Launcher still (I have Prime – it’s slightly more stable than Apex in my opinion), and just one 7-icon dock, with Messaging/Google Talk paired up in a folder, and the Skull icon at the end opening my Smart Shortcuts.  This has proven to be an extremely efficient setup for me so far.  I’m using 5 homescreens, with Wizz Widgets, Bookmark shortcuts, one blank page, and…

…another superstar to collide with my Nexus, black-themed Plume by black-and-white master themer @NitrozK of Team Kang.  Not only does this give a less ugly feel to the main app, but he even got some theming in on the widget.  I love it more than I should.

Overall I have to say it’s been an awesome week of solid upgrades for my phone, and these posts are getting more and more fun to throw together.  I get to name-drop so much developing and theming talent!  A few extra pics below!


4 thoughts on “The State of my Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE) 4/11/2012

  1. what exactly is “inverted apps”. i see you use them a lot. i looked at the link but do not understand. i am a relative nooby and have been using your recommendations on updating my phone. I really like the different themes and currently using the NateModz red

    • If you look at the pictures in the link, things like gmail, messaging, play store, etc… they’re all black backgrounds. Normally, they’re white with black text – very bright – instead, with inverted apps, they’re black with white text (much easier on my eyes)

      • thanks, i flashed contacts, gmail and the calendar. they look really good except that it changed them back to the blue theme. is there a way to get them red? i reflashed the natez mod red but it changed things back to the white background.

      • No, unfortunately. I find the little bit of blue to be a price I’m willing to pay to have the app inverted.
        Natemz rocks but he doesn’t theme everything like some themers do. Several themers have used travp’s inverted apps as a base for their own themes… for example, the neon green Nebula has all themed Google apps built-in, and Black Exodus by NitrozK has as well, so everything fits the color scheme. JaiRomeo’s new CarbonGlass is pretty epic because he’s custom theming EVERYTHING, and not just changing colors.

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