Android Wallpapers Collected From the ‘Net VII: AOKP Wallpapers

Welcome to a very special edition of Android Wallpapers Collected From the ‘Net!  This time around, we’re actually giving credit where credit is due!  That’s right folks, I downloaded these from artists I can actually name.  These will all be wallpapers and images featuring the ICS ROM phenomenon known as Android Open Kang Project, or simply AOKP.  Scroll to the bottom if you simply wish to browse the gallery, but it would be cool if you could scroll slowly and read the brief bios of the three creators featured here.  If you know the location of/have created more AOKP-themed wallpapers, please hit my contact link above and let me know where I can find them (or just send them to me!), and they’ll be featured in a sequel to this post later on!




This design student is an AOKP fan who decided to show his love with some fun designs.  All of these walls are from his deviantART page. Walls by Bluewall will have filenames beginning with “BW”.




Digital design engineer, established Android wallpaper/avatar artist/themer (check out CarbonGlass for the Galaxy Nexus), owner of UncutAndroid and, and outspoken hater of censorship… JaiRomeo is one kick-ass producer of all kinds of eye candy.  Walls by JaiThemes will have filenames beginning with “JT”.



Mobile Sensei

Developer, themer, wallpaper creator, Member of Team Liberty & Team Gummy, the Sensei has been in the Android game a long time.  He’s developed several themes and ROMs, on devices dating as far back as OG Droid.  He’s even recently created a themed Instagram!  The work he did on AOKP wallpapers is just one example of his contributions and generosity to the Android community at large, as he spends a lot of tweets and energy promoting the good work of other themers and developers, and fielding requests.  He is now working diligently to grow the brand of his fantastic wallpaper apps released by group Sensei Mods (buy ’em!), and wants you all to know he’d like to fight Leland Chapman, of ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ fame.  Mobile Sensei’s walls will have filenames beginning with ‘MS’.




6 thoughts on “Android Wallpapers Collected From the ‘Net VII: AOKP Wallpapers

  1. Hey Just Reboot ! Big thanks for your post, proud to be featured here ! :) I hope everyone here will enjoy those walls. And bravo to the others wallpapers maker, very good job !

  2. Holy cow or should I say holy unicorn, man these are freakin awesome bro thank you very much. I am definately gonna get me a unicorn now.

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