Android App Review: Spotlight – GATM Meme Generator

GATM Meme Generator IDDQD

Free (ads) | $1.99 (Donate Version, no ads)

Ah, the language of our times.  Memes.  A clever joke here, an anecdote there, a trollish and offensive slander back here again… all categorized by that meme word which nobody knows how to pronounce (meh-me?  Meem?  I’ve heard ’em both, and everything between).  These panels with text have tantalized us more than any of us care to admit, and those of us who enjoy creating them do it just to see those sweet lols, lmaos, and rofl’s.  There are a ton of apps in the Play Store which help us to create them, but none that will explain them to you so you won’t come across as a noob.  Until now.

This is, simply put, the best meme creation app available.  It boasts access to a TON of established memes, over 130 and counting, and examples built-in of each in the ‘Browse’ tab.  You can fill in your own Impact font (which looks right, unlike some other meme creators) to say exactly what you’d like to say, and share it in any way you like; even without saving it first, if you like.  They even have several ‘irregular’ memes that stray from the text-on-top-and-bottom-of-funny-picture variety, and the ability to fill THOSE in and have it look right.  Finally, you can custom create your own memes, using pictures of your choosing.

This app is fast and intuitive.  Creating a meme has never been easier, and the sharing happens as fast as your sharing method of choice can handle.  I’ve encountered no bugs, force closes, or even glitches in how it operates.  It doesn’t crop your custom images into non-usefulness, it’s dead-on where it needs to be.  Little things were addressed that blew my mind – for instance, if you’re in a text prompt to fill in your meme, hitting ‘Enter’ will create a line break in the text!  No longer are you limited to however much room it wants you to fill before going to the next line.  Attention to detail like that tells me that the developer really wanted to put together a perfect meme generator.

It’s always a signal that an app is a keeper when you struggle to find flaws in it.  Because of all the preview images available in the browse section I thought it’d be a gigantic app, but it weighs in at 9.54mb – not over-sized by any means.  Permissions are very reasonable, and of no concern whatsoever.  It works offline, doesn’t add watermarks, and is even optimized for tablet use.  The ONLY problem I could detect was that typing lags a little bit if you’re typing quickly, because it’s filling in the text on the picture as you type it.  It really is a negligible thing, and the only reason I bother to mention it is because the developers left me nothing else detectable to quibble about.


  • I’ve tried several apps like this.  I’ve uninstalled them all in favor of GATM.
  • The best meme generating app in the Play Store, hands down.
  • Free version ads aren’t bad, but please buy the donate one.  I did.  I want to see more from this developer.
  • Very ignorable lag when typing quickly.
  • Comes with examples so you understand memes before using them.
  • Shares, saves, and creates better and faster than any other app of its kind.
  • I could gush about this app more, but I’d rather create more memes.

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