Android App Review: Watch List – Fast Facebook (Beta)

Fast Fastbook (Beta) team2soft


This post is less of a review and more of a tap on the shoulder, telling you to watch out for this app in the future.  Fast Facebook is shaping into a suitable replacement for the official Facebook app for Android, which is notoriously awful and slow.

First off, Fast Facebook lives up to its name.  It loads much faster than Facebook for Android in my experience thus far, on both the high performance and high quality settings.  The ability to theme the app is great, speaking as a hater of white backgrounds.  I find it to be a fairly intuitive interface, although a little rough.  Posting, sharing posts to your wall, and looking through photos work really well.  The way comments and notifications were done is a nice tou.  Chat seems to work, but I didn’t have much of an opportunity to test that function.

This app still has a long way to go, though.  I’m certain the devs are working hard to get it up to speed without sacrificing the trait it’s named for, but for right now it is missing too much to be a daily driver for heavy facebook users.  You cannot click links in posts, download pictures, no YouTube embedding, no widget…. yet.

Viewing galleries is pleasant in Fast Facebook - the pictures in the gallery scroll at the top, letting you slide them back and forth to see the ones you want.

There’s some undeniable potential for greatness here.  I recommend downloading Fast Facebook and trying it out for yourselves, perhaps reporting bugs/suggestions to the dev, and seeing how it progresses.


4 thoughts on “Android App Review: Watch List – Fast Facebook (Beta)

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