The State of my Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE) 4/25/2012

AOKP build 33 – the upgrade from b32 mostly consisted of bugfixes.  The most exciting thing to happen to my phone this week was the update to Nova Launcher which allowed for Nova shortcuts (including the App Drawer) to be included in the Navigation Bar.  My current setup is a 6×4 grid with the dock removed, so I have a lot more phone real estate to play with.  My app drawer opens by tapping the unicorn on the Navigation Bar.

The wallpaper I’m using is from a Sensei Mods package called ICS vol 1.  I’m still using the fantastic MetroStation icons.  I’m down to just 3 screens, which I find pleasant and battery-friendly.  The clock widget is called Ultimate Custom Clock Widget, or UCCW – I made the skin myself.  It is one intensely customizable widget.  Save your work often when putting a skin together, it does sometimes crash on you in the building process.

There’s more things I could show here, but a lot of it is trivial stuff I’ve covered before – any questions, let me know… all both of you who read my blog, that is.  Hopefully I’ll have a more exciting post next week!


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