Android Game Review: Quick Hits – Neil Rajah

Neil Rajah (Free) ziggy’s games



Oh. Good game.

There you have it!  Stay tuned for the next review!

Well, not really.  The game hasn’t worked properly for me since it was updated, which was just fine with me.  I really respect the developer for the unique storyline attempt, but the game is a similar side-scroller to RunPigRun combined with some of the fine timing control needed in Mega Man games, utterly destroyed by the inclusion of Swarm and an incredible amount of buggy advertising.

I saw a lot of potential for a great game here, but it is up to ziggy’s games to take the steps necessary to clean up the code, ditch the scoreboard stuff, and tone down the ads.  I’d recommend to them to spend some time with titles like One Epic Game to get a better feel for what a good balance of ads and game looks like.  Meanwhile, I’ll wait to see some more updates come through before I give it another chance, and perhaps I’ll give it another review then.


3 thoughts on “Android Game Review: Quick Hits – Neil Rajah

  1. Hi,

    I’m Ziggy, the developer. Does it crash every time it gets to the end of the splash screen? That’s terrible. I would really like to know more details – what version of the game do you have, what phone / tablet are you playing it on, what is it about Swarm that isn’t working (or is that what’s causing the crashes?), etc. Is there any way I could email you?

    In the meantime, I just installed One Epic Game, and will take a look. Thanks for the heads-up and the advice.


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