The State of my Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE) 5/2/2012

  • AOKP Milestone 5, stock Faux kernel 16, Android 4.0.4
  • SkyCore theme by Nitroz
  • SkyCore icons from THAPHLASH
  • UCCW Widget

We’re having it large today, gentlefolks.  AOKP Milestone 5 is the snappiest version yet, the culmination of agonizing build after build of ruthless bug-squishing and feature adding.  M5 doesn’t really bring any new features to the table from build 34, but that’s okay – between the tightening of the code and the sick new faux kernel, it’s running beautifully without taking one extra sip of battery life.


My Nexus is rocking my favorite robot ever, Gir of Invader Zim fame, once again – I’ve had this wallpaper a long time, and I have Nitroz to thank for making a cyan theme worth a damn to use it with, and Tha Phlash for making his buddy Nitroz one of his incredible icon sets to go along with it.  Tha Phlash’s icons are a little on the pricey side for those of us used to getting them for free, but I’m here to tell you I finally bit the bullet and bought some and they are WELL worth it. Download his app, or (highly recommended) visit his website.  Click for larger images, kanglings…

This theme, known as SkyCore is only in version 1.3.1, and Nitroz has a TON of theming to go on it… it’s pretty rocking as is, but I’ve seen some of the ideas he’s had for improvements, and I’m going to be flashing them FIRST, people. Nitroz went way outside of his comfort zone making this, and as far as I’m concerned, hit a home run.  Don’t be surprised if I’m still rocking Skycore next Wednesday.  Yup…

I might keep a theme LONGER THAN A WEEK.


My arrangement hasn’t changed: Nova Launcher (Prime), 3 screens, Wizz Widgets Calendar/Facebook, and Plume surrounding my main screen with a 6×4 grid.  It’s a very comfortable arrangement, and my Tha Phlash icons have made it as pretty as I could want it (although there are a few icons I’d like to see added to the package).  One of the coolest functions of AOKP is being able to map whatever you like to the long-press options for navigation bar buttons, which I’m putting to incredibly practical use – I long-press Back to kill apps, long-press Home to open my camera, press the unicorn for app drawer and long-press it for Torch, and long-press Recent Apps to open my Barcode Scanner.



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