The State of my Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE) 5/9/2012

Very little new to report, although there are some great things on the fast-approaching horizon.  The CyanogenMod team recently ported the T-Mobile theme engine, which means Gummy, AOKP, CM9, and other ICS ROMs will now have the ability to use it – this promises that once the themers get the hang of using it, there will be a lot more themes to choose from.  Very exciting!

AOKP M5 is still where I’m at, with the only change from last week being a minor framework update to SkyCore by Nitroz, bumping the version to 1.4 from 1.31.  See the cool background of the toggle screen above.  It will be the last flashable version of SkyCore, as future versions will likely be in the theme engine.

(If his lazy ass ever gets them out.  Just kidding, Nitroz is prolific and is halfway done with it at the time of this posting.)

During the course of writing this in brief breaks at work, AOKP build 35 was released – I won’t have time to flash it, screencap it, and post about it today…. but I’ll have a big ol’ fat post for next week.  Downloading lots of bits and pieces now… Thanks for reading!


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