Android App Review: Quick Hits – toastr

toastr Patrick Edward Mahoney Jr.

Free / PRO Version (bells, whistles, and supports the dev!) available for $0.99

Read this; it won’t take long.  This app is as simple and thoughtful as it gets, and it only interacts with you for up to three seconds.

toastr (intriguing lack of capitalization) is an app which provides a “toast” to you right after you unlock your phone, providing any little reminder you deem necessary.  Have a look:

See that there?  That’s the whole free app.  Thanks for reading everyone!

…okay, so there’s a little more.  Yes, well… alright so you set a toast, and everytime you unlock your phone, you see it for either 1.5 or 3.0 seconds.  That’s it.  No ads, no bullshit.  That’s right; a free app that isn’t going to screw you somehow.  That is commendable.  Check it out, snip tool’d right out of his Play Store entry:

This is a rare treat; something useful that isn’t slurping battery with ads, or AirPushing or Sell-a-Ringing.  It isn’t even making Mr. PEM Jr. a dime.  However, this is the extent of the free app.  It’s one useful feature; the ability to annoy yourself to death with reminders.  I can say that it annoyed me to death, because I unlock my phone a lot.


I know you’re digging the dope centered, enlarged, colored text there.  That’s what the PRO version will get you.  In the pro version you can move the text to your favorite area of the screen, color it any which way, and make it quite big.

Like the free version, no special permissions.  I’ve tested this for a few days, folks; it doesn’t eat battery in the background, despite always being there for you.

Patrick Edward Mahoney Jr’s classy treatment of the end-user does not end at purchase. Check out the blush-worthy opening splash screen.


  • Okay, so yeah, its “Hello World.bat” on your Android.  Simple, effective.
  • ZERO special permissions needed to run.
  • Classy developer is classy.
  • I could not detect any additional drain on my battery due to this application.
  • Try it, then buy it for the big text and pretty colors.

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