The State of my Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE) 5/16/2012

This past week has flown by, and my Nexus has spent most of it changing looks.

As I mentioned last week, this post is going to be a doozy; not only did we see AOKP build 35 drop, bringing in the T-Mobile theme engine courtesy of the CM team, but b36, which brought a new kernel from faux (17) and the UPDATED T-Mobile CM9 theme engine.  Due to this, themers have been scrambling to get their themes made into apk’s to make some cash in this brand-new market of ICS-compatible theme engine themes.  Since a lot of them are my pals, I’ve decided to showcase all the ones I’ve been able to try on since last Thursday.  Yes, many of these guys have given their work away for nothing before, and still do; but that was only because there wasn’t a feasible way to monetize it.  Do each and every one of these guys a favor and grab their donate-link themes for the mere buck or so they’re asking for; they’ve worked really hard to earn it.  The links on the theme names are to their Play Store locations.

1st Theme I Tried: Violet by sonnysekhon

Aside from its immediate availability and paltry price of a dollar, I’m not really sure what my motivations were for trying this theme were.  I like purple by proxy; my wife is a huge fan.  I think maybe I was trying to prove I can somehow have a purple theme that looked manly or butch or something, and failed.  I may have just been trying to impress my wife.  Either way, the theme didn’t really impress me – sonny’s themes are great if you just want things changed in color, but otherwise they’re very plain cookie cutters of each other.  Add not having any good purple-y icons to go with it.. yup.  If you need purple, it’s worth it, for now.  Quickly ditched for one of the  all-time greats…

2nd Theme I Tried: Black Exodus by Nitroz

Black Exodus has made its way to the market, so you know I had to go grab it.  If you’ve been reading this series, its obvious I have a love affair with this theme – to make it absolutely clear, I actually bought this theme twice.  The first Play Store link didn’t work, and I refused a refund… and then bought it again when it was fixed.  I’m even going to post two more homescreens.  You cannot go wrong with Black Exodus, and over 200 people have purchased the donate version in agreement already.

More like Black SExodus, am I right?  Shut up.  Anyways, even my favorite themes need a break sometimes, so I rotated right into one of the tightest, most complete themes available on the market so far…

3rd Theme I Tried: NateModz Red by Natemz

(Note: Natemz has themed TONS of app icons, including all the system apps and then some, and they look fantastic with his theme.  None of my screenshots show his icons; I had these icons from THA PHLASH, and I’ve been looking forward to trying them.  Sorry Natemz, next time I feature your work I’ll use ’em, I promise!)

NateModz has been a part of my rotation from the moment I laid eyes on it.  Such gorgeous, lustrous red and black.  He’s themed it so deeply that even Titanium Backup and Nova Launcher are themed!  Like Nitroz’s theme, I bought this immediately.  You should too, there are no better red/black themes anywhere.  I looked.

4th Theme I Tried: Red Elegance by artvandelay440

Art’s first theme, the green and orange Elegance, made waves for his attention to detail and demanding sense of style.  One night, I told him ‘hey, make a red and gold theme, call it Rubies and Gold’.  He said ‘You’ve inspired me sir!’ and got cracking.  Well, the end product is Red Elegance, this deep, rich red and orange-gold concoction of wonders.  It’s still a work in progress, but looking at this screen of the reboot menu should give a good idea of what’s to come in future updates.  Get it now, beat the rush!

And finally, my current daily driver…

You can’t get this yet, but soon.  Kwes1020 of Team Kang has put together a gorgeous theme called Illume that is VERY NEARLY finished.  He was nice enough to provide his pre-release copy, and it is badass.  Grab this from the Play Store the minute it hits.

These are NOT the only themes I’m trying, there are a ton coming out every day… and I want to cover as many as possible.  I left some things unmentioned in this post – I know this – hit me up on Twitter, leave a comment, or hit the contact link if you have any questions!


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