Android Wallpapers Collected From the ‘Net VIII: Originals, Tweaked, and AOKP Wallpaper made by JUST REBOOT!

So, just last week I was criticizing our friend Bluewall about some of the work he’s done.  For the most part he makes a nice wallpaper, but I was telling him they lacked oomph and pizzazz, mostly to be a jerk for fun.  Naturally, he hit me with that line that had to come: “Well lets see you do better” (paraphrased, I can’t remember what he actually said).  I did what anyone who wants better wallpapers ultimately does – I nodded at my monitors and said ‘Challenge Accepted’.

I downloaded and installed GIMP and Photoshop CS6 (Free Trial!) and with absolutely no artistic skills and no experience whatsoever, set about creating a buttload of wallpapers.  These are the results.  They are prefixed thusly:

  • AOKP_: These walls I made for AOKP using whatever I could find.  Want to know where they came from?  Mostly you can just google ‘unicorn stencil’ and ‘unicorn silohuette’ and you’ll see that I just snagged some of those and layered/filtered the hell out of them.  What can I say, I’m a noob, but I’m a noob with taste!
  • GoofTweak_: Silly walls made by me while feeling silly.
  • JR_: JUST REBOOT! originals, made by me, deidein – yes, I took Mr. Yuck and neon’d him.  Shut up, I love Mr. Yuck.
  • Tweak_: Existing wallpapers I either played with the colors to work with my themes or altered more drastically so they fit on my screen, shared for those who asked for them.

Download them, share them, link back here, comment, use them on your phones and computers, but most of all, enjoy them in the spirit they were given.  I had a lot of fun making them, and intend to learn a lot more about using this software.  If you hate any of these (and you will, some do suck) – it’s cool.  I’ve been doing this for a week, mostly while doing something else at the same time.

The ones I particularly liked are the ones I did in a buncha colors.  Nearly all of these are 1440×1280 (Galaxy Nexus Resolution) but the ones that aren’t fit well.  Hit the ‘Permalink’ in the slideshow to get to where you can snag ’em best.  Here you go!


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