The State of my Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE) 6/7/2012 Theme Special!

BlackICE by DJDarkknight, at the moment (wall by me)

Quick rundown of what’s going on on my phone today; we’re on AOKP build 38, which introduced the newest insanely cool feature, Navigation Bar Widgets – basically a way to use Navigation Bar buttons to toggle up a small window containing the widgets of your choice.  Simply amazing stuff, folks – once again Zaphod has outdone himself.

Elixir 2 widgets are really sweet w/ the new toggle-able navigation bar widgets in AOKP b38.

The patch also comes with a bevvy of bugfixes and other stuff, and despite some very minor problems (navbar widgets is imperfect, reports of switching between keyboards in certain apps causing crashes), is still an extremely stable build.  I will enjoy watching the team perfect it, as I already have been for months.

Moving On!

To make up for being a day late (and for a few weeks of barely blogging, and for this half-ass post…), I’ve decided to turn the rest of this into a list of the themes I have installed at the moment, complete with links to their playstore entries and a few comments and screenshots here and there.  Please remember that I am the worst kind of app hoarder.

TO ALL THEMERS READING THIS: I will like your theme 100% more if it contains the Plume widget themed.  Just thought I’d throw that out there.  Also, I made most of these walls (I think they’re all tweaks of existing wallpapers I made, except the ones shown on CirclesMod Freehand and Nebula)


Added 1 more before posting!

  1. Black Exodus by Nitroz – Favorite of minimalists everywhere, Black Exodus by my Team Kang mate and friend Nitroz will forever hold a place in my phones.  It’s also nice of him to slip my wallpapers into his themes, too.
  2. Black Intense by jbnitro – untried as of yet, looked neat though
  3. CirclesMod Freehand ICS Blue by Hooolm – a unique spin on theming, with – you guessed it – art and icons that look as though they were drawn freehand.  Nifty!
  4. CirclesMod ICS Blue also by Hooolm – classic flavor!
  5. Cobalt by dustinb – I tried this out briefly when we were all still flashing themes like cavemen or something.  Lots of quality work went into this, and to his other themes below as well.
  6. Cotton Candy Cobalt by dustinb

    CirclesMod Freehand by Hooolm

  7. Crimson Cobalt by dustinb
  8. DarkICE Theme by DJDarkKnight – I’m disappointed in myself that I didn’t try this earlier.  One of my new favorites, its like the minimalist Black Exodus decided to get out there and do a little accessory shopping.  Lovely black/white theme.
  9. Emerald Elegance by ArtVandelay440 – Lives up to its name with its warm green and gold accents.
  10. Galaxy Cream Sandwich by the1dynasty – snagged this because it looked promising.  Still untested.
  11. Illume by Kwes1020  – for those of you still seeking that unique look for your phone, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by passing on Kwes’ Illume (iLLume) series.  They also come in red and yellow, which I only don’t have due to a glut of red themes and hating yellow.  These

    Illume Pink. Way Hetero.

    are very distinctive themes with brilliantly balanced glow effects.  He even had the EXCELLENT SENSE to THEME PLUME AND ITS WIDGET!!!!!!! (hint hint, other themers.)  I’m not just talking them up because Kwes is Team Kang, I swear to you that these are kickass themes!

  12. Illume Green by Kwes1020
  13. Illume Pink by Kwes1020
  14. Mixer ICS by MrDSL – untried as of yet
  15. Mixer LimeGreen by MrDSL– untried as of yet
  16. Murder by B-Boy – haven’t tried this yet, but it looks like a sick black/red theme
  17. NateModz Blue by Natemz – my only beef with this is that it’s brutal to find good walls/icons for it.

    NateModz Blue

  18. NateModz Green by Natemz – untested, but its Natemz so I’m sure its good
  19. NateModz Red by Natemz– The single most used theme on my phone.  Always come back to it.  All of Natemz’s themes areextremely well done, feature-packed, and tight – and this one is THE red one to get above all others, and likely always will be.  People will tell you otherwise; I say unto you that they are wrong and should be punished.
  20. Nebula by Kevin3328 – this is the kind of eye-popping green theme that green sees when green drops green acid.  Really quite intensely green, if you hadn’t gotten the gist.  If you can take the sheer… greenness…  you’ll see a lot of unique additions and tweaks to the overall look that make this one of the coolest you can get.

    I love NateModz Red.

  21. PCB by scars45 – Team Broccoli has an AOKP based ROM of the same name, but after a little nagging were convinced to slap together a theme chooser theme for the rest of us.  Features lots of circuit board backgrounds, extremely cool theme for those of you who really love the look of a computer or phone’s innards.
  22. Purple Kush by dustinb – talked up quite a bit by Skynet over at Rootzwiki, will be the next purple theme I use, and likely the last.  (I mean… I’ll keep this one and not use others, not discard this one when I’m done.  I should have just fixed this sentence instead of writing all of this crap.  Dammit.)
  23. Red Elegance by ArtVandelay440 – Completely inspired by MY ideas given to Art on Twitter.  Should have been called Ruby Elegance but noooo, who listens to Dei?  I’m totally teasing, this

    Nebula: MEAN Green!

    is a red/darkgoldish-orange theme like Emerald Elegance that just leaks delicious theme-juice, and was totally my idea. :)

  24. Simple Swagger by jatx2wne – I could not shut up about this theme all afternoon since purchasing it.  I’d never heard of this gentleman, never knew about this theme before today, yet it is already within inches of being my daily driver; just an all-around excellent, crisp, and clean looking theme.  I’m already pestering the dev for additions to it (namely, more icons and Plume of course) and he’s said they’re in the works.  SCORE!  I can’t wait to see what he does with it next.
  25. SkyCore by Nitroz – Cyan with glorious and unique icons.  Also features my wallpaper.  It’s fun, having themer pals!

    Simple Swagger is astounding.

  26. Trigger by Kwes1020 – closing out this laundry list of quality themes is Trigger, another very strong and sleek theme from Kwes1020.  I don’t feel the need to sell it any harder; take a look at it for yourself.  It rocks.

There you have it – not counting the default system theme, I have 26 themes installed, and will likely install more.  Hell, I may even make my own!  Get out there, grab all of these themes, they’re all fantastic themer people who deserve every little bit of support they can get, come back and read us next time… all that good stuff!


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