Android Game Review: Quick Hits – Let’s Break Stuff!

Let’s Break Stuff!  Psychic Software

Free (4 level demo) – Full version (can also be bought in-app in demo, $1.22-$1.25)

There are good games, there are bad games… there are games with a pile of both good and badness.  Let’s Break Stuff! is a game that teeters on the edge between suck and awesome. Load up a slingshot and fire away at the demo, then come and see if you agree with the rest of this article!

The concept is fairly straight-forward; utilize a slingshot to wantonly destroy property.  This is always a gratifying experience, both in and out of video games, allegedly.

The goal is to utterly destroy all breakable targets with as few shots fired as possible – targets such as glasses, vases, and um… other strange glass and/or ceramic things.  Shooting is done by touching anywhere on the screen and dragging backwards for power.  Aiming the slingshot takes some getting used to, but becomes quite manageable, albeit difficult if you have navigation buttons you’re prone to accidentally pressing when you get too close.

Objects shatter in quite a satisfactory manner… most of the time.  There are very odd glitches and bounces in between the sweet shots occasionally.  While playing, I’ve experienced the shot that behaved like a cotton ball (bounces harmlessly off a breakable target) AND the shot that behaved like a Scud missile (completely blasts the crap out of everything).  However, most of the time the physics seemed pretty good.  The game gets fairly challenging, requiring nearly perfect aim in order to complete the later levels.

Scud missile effect.  This shot only hit the bottle.

The game has impressive 3D rendering, however the overall scenery is a rather bland.  Imagine someone setting up shooting galleries in an abandoned  house in Fallout 3 and you have the general idea of the setting – a bit desolate.  When you hit your targets and they break, the resulting noise syncs up well with the destruction on the screen.  Your slingshot looks nice enough, but the scale is a little strange; granted while it’s nice to see your ammo in action, it appears as if you’re firing baseballs.  This is even stranger when they behave like Nerf baseballs and fail to crack things you’ve landed direct hits on.

I already did! Are you hassling me because it wasn’t a 5-star review? Leave me alone already!

I bet the music in this game would be really, really good if it existed.  It doesn’t.  No real sounds aside from the noise of breaking stuff.

My Galaxy Nexus can’t render dynamic shadows? …how do my other games do it, then?

This game is absurdly short.  I played through the entire paid version in about 45 minutes.  The demo is 4 or 5 levels long – it let me play to level 5, but when I came back to try again it only let me play to level 4.  The full game is 18 levels, and they’re not really that exciting or different.  My other qualm with this game is that while it is nice to smash things, it doesn’t let you do it with any kind of flair.  There are no bells and whistles attached to this; it’s strictly business.  Yes, there’s a highscore board, but… I don’t know.  The whole thing lacks color, music, and ‘zazz’.  There’s a fun factor that just isn’t high enough.  I think the game could really benefit from another huge heap of levels, with some novelty levels thrown in – some moving targets, some sandbox-style shooting gallery, somewhere filled wall-to-wall with targets you can play around in with infinite ammo…. something to make it a worthwhile purchase with replay value.

This marks the first time that I’ve had genuine disappointment in a purchase of a game I’ve reviewed.  I think some updates could straighten out my opinion quickly… but as is, I could have gotten far higher quality and quantity content elsewhere with my dollar and change.


  • Should be called ‘Break Stuff’ rather than the more exciting and multiplayer-implying  ‘Let’s Break Stuff!’
  • 7 out of 10 physics and ease of use, 3 out of 10 everything else.
  • No music?
  • Does not have nearly enough levels.  Hoping for updates.
  • Needs more fun!  I don’t want to scientifically aim every shot; give me a room full of things to rampage on!  A shooting gallery!  BREAK STUFF!
  • I have faith in Psychic Software’s ability to improve this game.  I can’t promise it’ll remain installed long enough to find out if that faith is justified.

3 thoughts on “Android Game Review: Quick Hits – Let’s Break Stuff!

  1. The rampage room is a nice idea ;-)
    I was also thinking of the capability to make and share your own levels.. would that be better than me making more?

    • Thanks for taking my criticism with grace! I’m glad you like the rampage room idea – the idea of creating and sharing your own levels does sound really cool, too!

  2. I have just released version 1.2.1 for Android – this version has all 18 levels for free, for a limited time. Anyone who has previously paid for 18 levels, you will get the upcoming “make and share” (level editor and online repository) system for free, when it’s ready (this will be a paid feature).

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