Android Game Review – Quick Hits: Gyro

Gyro Submachine Factory


The bulk of my family immigrated to the United States during the World War II era from Poland and Russia.  As an American with Polish lineage, I’ve probably heard variants of every joke – ‘A Polish guy walks into a bar…’, ‘A Polish guy invented the submarine screen door…’ and of course, ‘Dude your countrymen attacked German tanks on horseback’.

Very recently, I received an e-mail from one Mr. Piskorski from Poland saying that he and a partner have teamed up to create a game called Gyro they’d like me to check out.  Chuckling, I mused ‘Two Polish guys start an Android game development company…’ and then spent some time playing Gyro… and I’m thrilled to report that it is no joke.

Gyro is an original game of patience, reflexes, and muscle memory nestled in an extremely fluid and clean UI.  You control a tri-colored wheel via the touchscreen, spinning it in order to catch spheres of varying sizes with the side of the wheel that matches their color.  Spheres that hit your wheel on one of the other two colors will deplete that wheel’s health, and the game is over once one of your three ‘spokes’ has been completely drained.  The wheel is sensitive to swipes, and spins freely – you can whirl it and stop it with a touch.  You can also control it sliding your finger across the bar at the bottom of the screen.

As gameplay heats up you’ll randomly get power-ups, including heals for your spokes, a shield, sentinels (spheres that guard your wheel, spinning around in orbit around it), even one that blows up all the remaining incoming spheres.  The spheres will start coming fast and furious, and in tandem; causing you not only to spin the wheel faster and more accurately, but also sometimes forcing you to precisely position the wheel to accommodate multiple spheres of different colors at once.

Brilliant as the game is on its own, what really helps it stand out is the user interface.  Everything you can do in this game is simple and easy to understand, there’s no lag between screens, and it looks fantastic.  Adding to the overall polished feel are the little touches, such as a quick opt-out screen for Swarm, a personal high score board, and features you can unlock with higher scores; such as a higher difficulty level.

I’ve gotten better, but I was happy with this one as a screenshot.

I’m sure this all sounds great, but what could make it better, you ask?  Well… the game is currently free without ads.  That’s amazing, considering the caliber of Gyro.  I sincerely hope Submarine Factory stays afloat (har har) and makes more games, or considers releasing a paid version of this one, because after playing Gyro I want them to shut up and take my money.  A truly excellent first venture into the Play Store!


  • A  fun and addictive time waster.  You could hardly ask for more.
  • Playable by all ages, challenging for all ages.  Masterful.
  • Totally free, potentially for a limited time!
  • Opt-out of Swarm?  Thank you!
  • Only negative I can think of is that it takes a few minutes to get challenging.  Incentive to unlock the tougher difficulty!

**Please excuse my sorry attempt at my Doing It Right Award, I was in a hurry**


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