The State of my Galaxy Nexus (CDMA/LTE) 6/21/2012

I don’t even want to brag about AOKP anymore.  I’m now on build 39.  Check the site for the changelog.  If you’ve been reading my blog and haven’t tried AOKP yet, you either don’t own a supported device or owe it to yourself to do some readin’.

I’m showcasing a theme of one of the classiest guys in all of the Android Community, Hooolm.  Legendary already for his CirclesMod battery icon and theme of the same name, he’s also come up with an adorable and unique twist on it; CirclesMod Freehand.

Wallpaper not included! It’s one I made. :)

I find it incredibly charming.  Hooolm really thought out of the box and put in an effort worthy of its very own centerpiece review on any site, let alone my dinky lil blog. Be sure to check out his entire library, the man can THEME.

Adding to a charming birthday week was somewhat of a gift; a kind gentleman named Daxxmaxx took one of the wallpapers I’d made for AOKP and made it into a gorgeous live wallpaper.  It’s available for flashin’ in two delicious flavors over here on xda. Truly, it was an honor that someone liked one of my walls enough to do that!

That’s all for this week’s installment of the State of my Galaxy Nexus – catch you again next week, or you can catch me along with a bunch of drunk and disorderly Android developers and personalities on this coming Saturday’s RootzLive After Dark!


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